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A Presentation Night like never before!……. Virtual……..
The video will be available asap, this will include interviews with some award winners. Unfortunately numbers were limited at the venue, therefore many awards will be handed out back at clubs.
Paul Hooper and Peter Rosenthal ran a great show and kept things moving.
Here is a sneak peak behind the scenes while the video was rolling.

Thank you to Topline Cricket for the great trophies & Altegra Australia for the media wall. A big thank you to James McLeod and his staff form Tobin Brothers Ringwood for providing the facility and videography (thanks Matt).

Thank you to all our sponsors that provide us with support year in and year out, it was unfortunate that we were unable to support

Mulgrave Country Club for this event but we will eventually get there.
Photography by association sponsor  Field of View Sports Photography

2020/21 BHRDCA Playing Rules & Umpires Fees

All Clubs,

The 2020/21 BHRDCA Senior Rules, 2020/21 Junior Rules (+ Junior Rule Summary Sheet), 2020/21 BHRDCA Over 40’s Veterans Rules & 2020/21 Umpires Fees (as passed by the Club Delegates) have now been uploaded to the BHRDCA Website. (Refer to the Website drop downs: Club & Playing Resources > Rules & Regulations & Umpires) 

NOTE: Also both Senior & Junior Rules include the addition of the a new Attachment – 3B Air Quality Policy, developed in conjunction with Cricket Victoria.   


2019/20 Junior Awards

The BHRDCA are pleased to announce that we will be having the Junior Awards on Wednesday 11th November 2020 to be held at Topline Sports, 31 Burgess Street Bayswater, commencing at 5.00pm.

With the expectation on Sunday that there will be a further relaxation in relation to Covid-19 restrictions, yet still being mindful of social distancing, the presentation agenda will be as follows:

  • Under 12 Presentation 5.00pm until 5.30pm.
  • Under 14 Presentations 5.30pm until 6.00pm
  • Under 16/18/Tim Moore Award/Doug Rickarby Medal and the George Murphy Memorial Award 6.00pm until 6.30pm
  • Presentations will be upstairs where award winners enter and exit in separate doors
  • Award winners can be accompanied with one parent
  • Premiership pennants can be collected by a club representative
  • Jo Fairy will take photos of all recipients so where you club top
  • Please where a mask
  • Any trophies that cannot be collected will be distributed to the respective clubs

The BHRDCA representatives on the evening will be Tom Anderson, Steve Flemming and Jo Fairy.

Looking forward to seeing you all with big smiles. Tom Anderson

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November: David Elliot - Laburnum CC
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