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Get along to support our U12 Representative Teams at the annual Deakin community cup against our neighbours at the RDCA

8th December 2019


Grant for travel and accommodation costs (only) incurred by “elite” athletes for an event or mandatory training as part of their pathway to representing Victoria in National competitions.

Hi all

This grant aims to help elite athletes with the travel and accommodation costs they incur as part of their pathway to national representation level (e.g. representing Victoria in National competitions).

This grant has, in previous rounds, been heavily over-subscribed, with the vast majority of applications failing to win any funding.  As a result the grant provider is attempting to avoid wasting everyone’s time by being clearer on eligibility, particularly in relation to the definition of ‘elite’ to more specifically refer to athletes that have been selected or short listed for selection to represent Victoria in their chosen sport.

The Athletes Pathway Travel Grants program provides grants to improve Victorian athlete development pathways from Community to National representation level.  Support is available to assist with the costs of Travel and Accommodation for:

  • High performing athletes to represent Victoria
  • Emerging athletes travelling to train or compete at events that contribute to their development within their sporting pathway towards State and National representation

Who can apply / eligibility?
Victorian Sport and Recreation Clubs can apply for funding on behalf of emerging athletes or teams to train or compete at events that contribute to their development within their sporting pathway (i.e. need to demonstrate that the events are recognised as the defined pathway for progression).

These clubs can also apply for funding for coaches and officials, but not for parents to accompany athletes.

Note that all participants must be over 11 years of age as at the 1st January of the year in which the eligible travel will occur.
Each funding round organisations can apply for two grants.

  • Grants of up to $2,000 is available for teams with a maximum of $500 per team member.
  • Grants of $750 for individuals.

Victorian sport and recreation clubs are eligible for a maximum of two grants in any financial year.
The travel and accommodation costs in this instance must occur between the 5th November 2019 and the 30th June 2020.

State Sporting Associations recognised by Sport and Recreation Victoria can apply for funding on behalf of high performance athletes or teams that represent Victoria.  This representation may include mandatory training camps, selection trials and national championships / events.
In this category, for each funding round, organisations can apply for:

  • Two grants for individuals up to a maximum of $1500 each.
  • One grant of up to $6000 for teams with a maximum of $1000 per team member.

Recognised organisations will be eligible for a maximum of three grants in any financial year
The travel and accommodation costs in this instance must occur between the 1st January 2020 and the 30th June 2020.
The following will not be eligible:

  • Athletes that are playing at the highest level for that sport in Victoria, unless those athletes have also been short listed or selected to represent Victoria in National competitions
  • Athletes attending an event which is not recognised by their State Sporting Association as a National event for which qualification to participate can only be achieved through a defined pathway
  • Officials who volunteer to attend and officiate at National events / titles
  • Athletes who receive funding or in-kind assistance from the Victorian Institute of Sport or the Australian Institute of Sport
  • Applicants who have received a grant under this program in the previous financial year

Please note:

  • The club / sporting organisation must apply on behalf of the team / individual/s. An individual cannot apply.
  • The event must be of some National significance and a pathway to National representation level.
  • The grant will only cover travel and accommodation costs, not any other costs.

If you are unsure of eligibility please contact us. We can also clarify eligibility with the grant provider.

If you believe you are eligible, please provide the following simple details:

  • Who is the elite individual or team?
  • What travel and accommodation costs will they incur? (e.g. flights, fuel etc) and how much for approximately. Note that the costs must be incurred within the eligibility dates noted.
  • For what purpose e.g. which event? which activity? for regular training?

While the grant Deadline is 4th November, please ensure that you respond with all necessary information by no later than the 30th October for us to guarantee submitting your application on time.  We will of course endeavour to submit applications for any late applicants, but cannot guarantee being able to meet the deadline.  Quotes are not needed.

Yours Sportingly
Nicholas Becker
Grant Professionals

We loved seeing the post this week from Laburnum Cricket Club, see below how they have utilised association sponsor Childsafe to endorse Child Safe Policies.

Hello to all members of LCC,

The committee recently held an extraordinary meeting where we focused on the responsibilities of the club in relation to the findings from the final report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Cricket Australia has provided guidance to community clubs in relation to our response and commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People, and we subsequently undertook to obtain support from “ChildSafe”, endorse this policy, and adopt the Cricket Australia recommendations.

The Committee made the following official endorsement:

“That the Laburnum Cricket Club endorse and adopt (1) Australian Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children and Young People, (2) Australian Cricket’s ‘Looking After Our Kids’ Code of Behaviour for Affiliated Associations and Clubs, and (3) Australian Cricket’s Commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People, effective as at 25 June 2019”.

Our success in making our club a safe place for children and young people relies on all members and we look forward to working with you to make this work at LCC.

Further details are available via the club website


c/o Laburnum CC Committee 


Check out Kookaburra Teamwear, click the link to find out how your club can partner with Kookaburra.

Junior Presentation Night at East Burwood 27th March 2019

Presidents Lunch at Heatherdale Reserve & Kookaburra Ray McIntosh Grand Final game time action

BHRDCA U16A Ron Hennessey Shield Grand Final Day 1 & 2 albums

Box Hill North Super Kings – A Grade Premiers

IEGC Stage 2 Spirit Girls GF Blackburn CC

BHRDCA Dorothy McIntosh action Park Orchards vs St Davids


BHRDCA U16A GF Park Orchards Premiers 2018 / 19

BHRDCA U14A Grand Final – Kerrimuir United v Blackburn, congratulations KUCC

BHRDCA action at Blackburn vs Vermont semi day 1

BHRDCA U18 Grandfinal, Congrats to Nunawading

BHRDCA Veterans A Div GF Mitcham vs nth Alphinton

ChildSafe is a proud sponsor of BHRDCA because we believe that sporting clubs should be safe places where children can grow into being the people they are meant to be through good leadership, coaching, and mentorship.

ChildSafe is a not for profit harm prevention charity of over 10 years and we work with organiations including sporting clubs to enable trusted environments for children. We have created safer environments for over 200,000 children through organistions choosing to partner with us.

In all organisations including sporting clubs who work with children, there is a requirement by law that every club will have in place the 7 child safety standards. These standards help to outline how you can be a child safe organisation. This is not something that you can choose to do or not, it is actually Law and has been for over 2 years.

ChildSafe have tools and services that clubs subscribe to in order to make sure that you are following these state standards which protect children and your organisation. Not only this, but we will help you to know where you stand right now, how you can get there and how to build the kind of culture that children are wanting and parents are wanting.

The attached flyer on our ChildSafe Sport Subscription outlines how we can help you. This is a keyword: HELP!. The reason why we developed ChildSafe Sport is that we recognise that every sporting club is filled with volunteers and it is tough at times even just to get players. So if we can help you in this area and make sure this is one thing you don’t have to source the information, tools, and services for then this will help you concentrate on filling teams and building clubs. This is not to say there will not be some work to do, but that we will help you do it.

So where to from here…

Speaking to Cricket Victoria they have said to us that child safety is our highest priority and they have shared that they will be helping clubs understand this priority. They are grateful that we are supporters of BHRDCA .

If you know that you are ready to go and would like to partner with us to enable trusted environments for your children then sign up to our ChildSafe Sport subscription for once off $300 and $50 p/m ongoing during the whole year. You just need to click the link below and you can fill out the online forms, click “ChildSafe Sport” and click “invoice” and we will receive your details, you will be signed up and we will be in touch.


The other opportunity which could be a great starting point is to fill in our online survey called: How child safe are you? and this will tell you where your club is currently at with the standards, you leave your details and we can get in touch.

We know that cricket clubs are winding up but we ask that you make sure that at your last committee meeting you make this a priority to discuss, and in the off season you can get everything started in this area so that your parents and children know how you are committed to caring for the children in your organisation.

We beleive that partnering with us will help you to make your club stronger through enabling trusted environments for children.

We look forward to hearing from you.

kind regards,

Neil Milton

General Manager

The BHRDCA has completed its most successful VMCU carnival culminating in premierships to the U/18’s and the U/14’s in the Russell Allen Shield which is the top grade.

Our 18’s restricted Mornington Peninsula CA to 9/128 from 45 overs with Heatherdale’s Trent Callen taking 3/10 from 5 overs and Cameron Clark, Nunawading CC, returning 2/12 from 6 overs.

The run chase started poorly and BHRDCA slumped to 5/54 leaving plenty to do after drinks. With Trent Callen still unbeaten there was some hope and he anchored the innings brilliantly to see BHRDCA finish on 6/131 to lift the trophy. Callen remained 61 no and had great support from Clark with 29 as the two boys enjoyed a day to remember. Callen deservedly won the medal for best on ground.

Coach Anthony Smith (Blackburn CC) did a stunning job blending the team which at times looked doubtful to actually get to the carnival. Smith has coached the 18’s the last few years and has a great understanding of the age group and how to maximise the talent whilst dealing with the challenges of VCE, work and other pressures associated with that age group.

The 14’s were asked to bowl against South Eastern CA who they had lost to in a round robin game five days earlier. Kerrimuir’s Kalan Fazio was outstanding returning 4/19 from 6 overs and had great support from Mitcham’s Luke Tully, 2/28 from 8, to leave SECA 7/140 after their 40 overs.

BHRDCA lost an early wicket before an 87 run partnership between Heatherdale’s Billy Box, 52, and Luke Tully, 38, turned the game. With 3 balls left the winning runs were hit and BHRDCA won by 5 wickets. Fazio won the best on ground medal for the bowling that set up the game dismissing the top four SECA bats.

Steve Box (Heatherdale CC) coached the side and was sensational in gelling the group into a competitive outfit that peaked at the right time. Steve Tully also played a key role in the planning, warm ups and reviews of each game.

Aside from these two teams, the U/12 girls were runners up, three other teams made semi finals and one played a quarter final. So 7 of our 8 sides played finals cricket.

This is just reward for the hours of work volunteers, coaches and players put in not only during the carnival but also leading into it. Ross Chambers, as the manager of our representative program, is unwavering in his commitment to the program, teams and coaches. Ross does an enormous amount of organising, live scoring and ensuring venues and all relevant information gets to coaches and team managers. Often this is received late the night before or the morning of game day as the weather dictates the days playing conditions.

A huge thank you to all coaches, parents and the brilliant team managers that just make this work and the results are there for all to see.

We look forward to continued support of representative cricket as the BHRDCA results continue to capture others attention.

Peter Rosenthal

BHRDCA President

It looks as if we will finally see conditions that are conducive to cricket.

There were 6 games that got under way last Friday where both teams were able to complete the same amount of overs. These games will continue as 2 day games this Friday with the allotted 44 overs (22 overs per team)

The games where only limited overs were played before the heavens opened will be scrapped and recommence as a 44 over one day games this Friday (22 overs per team)

Where no play was available last Friday the game will revert to a 44 over one day game (22 overs per team)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me on 0450 336 992,     Tom Anderson

All Saturday morning junior games are to proceed, please attend at grounds as per normal and assess the conditions of the venue. Please ensure that we work together in the interest of playing


Please report to all grounds as normal.

Currently the weather is stable and ground inspections have been undertaken which shows the grounds at this point in time are playable.

The forecast for late today is not flash!

Please note that this is the first week of a two- week fixture therefore next week can become a 1 day game if the weather intervenes.


Melbourne is again putting on another challenging weekend with the weather predicted to impact play on friday night.
We will keep a keen eye on the weather and do some ground inspections tomorrow and by 1pm advise of friday nights juniors state of play.

T20 McIntosh Shield Grade


The RCDA won the toss and sent BHRDCA into bat, and it was soon realized by RDCA that this was a big mistake.  Nick Chancellor and Ben Joseph opened the batting, with Chancellor going out for 4 runs off 5 balls.  Joseph hit the ground running and started hitting boundaries after only a few deliveries.  Chelvin, Wise, OShea, all going out very cheaply but this did not stop a rampant Joseph who by the end of a shortened match due to earlier rain, smashed 72 from just 35 deliveries, in what was a T20 clinic from an in form player.  All up BHRDCA scored 7/147 from just 15 overs.

RDCA came in to bat and the BHRDCA bowling attack was weathering the storm very well keeping everyone down on scoring except for Adams with 51 off 36 balls. A late surge toward the end of the innings was not enough for RDCA to get over the line with other notable scores being Stevenson (37) and Mitchell not out on 24.  A stellar bowling performance from Newey with figures of 4/16 after 3 overs.  In the end RDCA finished up with 8/131 at the end of their 15 overs.


T20 Wilson Shield Grade


With the ECA needing to withdraw from the game only a single match was played at Kimberly Reserve in Chirnside Park. With bad weather looming the BHRDCA started poorly with Fenner, Hunt and Proctor all going out very cheaply.  Arnold battled on and made 13 off 16 balls.  Rain delayed play as a thunderstorm passed over.  After approximately half an hour, play resumed, and the wickets continued to tumble for the BHRDCA with Farry bowled for 5 off 16, Theunissen caught off the bowling of Pandya for 11, Ross LBW on his first ball for a duck, Fox run out without facing a ball and Volpe caught for 1 off 6 deliveries.  Hodges and Humphries, representing the tail end of the innings, both battled on to see out the full 20 overs after being 9/38 at the 13th over.  At the end of the innings BHRDCA were 9/69 with Hodes on 20 off 21 balls and Humphries at 13 from 29 balls.

The RDCA came into bat and at the end of a very expensive first over Humphries took the first wicket, but the precedence had been set with RDCA being 1/14 at the end of the first over.  Jensen came in to bowl the second over and on his second ball claimed Wong who mishit the ball and was caught for a duck.  Humphries bowled a much more tidy second over getting another wicket and at the end of the third over it was 3/19.  The runs flowed but so did the wickets for BHRDCA, RDCA batsmen were Pandya 18 from 16 balls, Johnson 11 from 6 balls faced, Nelson and DeSilva both not out and hitting the winning runs.


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BHRDCA Events Calendar
ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition
ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

The Volunteer Of The Month Is:

OCTOBER: Graham Holinger (Kerrimuir CC)
NOVEMBER: David Elliott (Laburnum CC)
DECEMBER: Robert Nash – Nunawading CC
JANUARY: Simon Meade (Vermont South CC)
FEBRUARY: Luke Gibson (Blackburn CC)
MARCH: Joint winners - Ken Calder (Glen Waverley Hawks CC) & Steve Judd (Koonung Heights CC)