As we reach the fixtures associated with One Day matches a reminder of the Line Marking obligations for all clubs participating in 40 Over One day games – Refer BHRDCA Senior Rules 3(n)…

A 27.5 metre Fielding restriction circle is to be adopted in all 40 Over One Day matches.

  • Area of Restriction; the restricted area shall be the area around the pitch within semi-circles, one at each end, and straight lines, one on each side.
  • Semi-circles and line measurements; the radius of each semi-circle shall be 27.5 metres from the centre stump and the extremities of its base shall meet with the straight lines of pitch length, at points either side of the pitch in line with the bowling crease.
  • Marking of area limits; The limits of the restricted area shall be clearly marked by a white line or by flat discs.  The discs shall be 30 in number (min) and approximately 7 metres apart with one disc at each extremity at the bases of the semi-circles.
  • For the first eight overs of each innings no more than two players may be outside the circle; and
  • For the remainder of the innings no more than five players may be outside the circle; and

If the fielding team is in breach of these restrictions when the ball is bowled a NO-BALL will be called


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ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

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OCTOBER: Ross Kainey - Blackburn North
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