The BHRDCA is proud to be a supporter of a new online program to support men and their families dealing with prostate cancer.


Over 20,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year – making it the most common cancer in Australia (excluding non-melanoma cancer).

We have over 900 men playing in our Veterans comps, so raising awareness is vital to ensuring our dads, uncles, brothers and even some grandpas are informed, know the numbers and become mindful of the risks.

A new program launched by Australian Prostate Cancer Research in late 2013 is now helping men all over Australia to become more informed, and for those with prostate cancer, providing support to manage their health.

PROSTMATE is a free, confidential online program providing personalised information, advice and support. It includes tools to track progress, treatments and appointments, self-help programs and offers online telehealth consultations with prostate cancer experts.

We recommend you check out PROSTMATE today and share this link through your club.    

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ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition
ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

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