Tuesday 18th Feb; T-20 Grand Finals

All Competing Clubs/Players,

Once again mother nature is throwing an element of unpredictability at us re the weather, which looks highly likely to impact on the T-20 Grand Finals scheduled for Tuesday 18th February.

At this stage, all  players & Umpires are to proceed to the Grand Final venues per the published T-20 Fixtures. 

Any decision to cancel the T-20 Grand Final matches scheduled for tomorrow night, will be posted on this site and on the Associations Social Media outlets by 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

The CoM also determined this evening that Tuesday 25th February will be put in place as a Reserve Day should matches be cancelled tomorrow night.


T20 Grand Final update – Dates, Teams & Venues

T20 Kookaburra Shield – Monday 17th February 2020 at 5:15 p.m.
Heatherdale vs Blackburn South @ Heatherdale Reserve East (#1)


T20 Grand Finals – Tuesday 18th February 2020 at 5:15 p.m.

ANZ Bank Shield: Bulleen-Templestowe vs Blackburn @ Ted Ajani Reserve

Topline Shield: Templestowe vs Fitzroy Doncaster @ Templestowe Reserve North (#1)

Rebel Sports Shield: Kerrimuir United vs St Davids @ Springfield Park East

Field of View Shield: Deakin vs Laburnum @ Bennettswood Reserve South

Storage King Shield: Heatherdale vs Doncaster @ Heatherdale Reserve East (#1)

2019/20 BHRDCA T20 Semi Finals – Tuesday 4th February

All T20 Clubs & participants,

The H & A rounds of the 2019/20 T20 competition have now concluded and next Tuesday night (4/2) sees the Semi Finals commence – MyCricket has been updated with the Semi Final matches and Venues. Please ensure all Clubs check their player qualification & eligibility (per BHRDCA T20 Rules), and that where necessary, Permits are submitted for guest or higher level players.

Good luck to all teams


Post Xmas Permit reminder

A reminder to all Clubs re Post Xmas Permits,

  • A Permit is required for any player that drops One Club Grade or more, if they have previously played Four games or more in any higher grade during that season
  • A Permit is required for any player that has previously played four games OR LESS in any higher grade earlier that season, if they are seeking to play more than Two (2) club grades or FIVE or more Association grades below where they had played their last match.
  • This Rule applies from the first Two Day round after Christmas as stipulated by the CoM


  • All Permits must be submitted to the Permits Committee via My Cricket (only) by Thursday 10:00 p.m. prior to the match in which the club seek to select the player
  • An extension to this deadline may be provided but only on direct contact with a Permit Committee member prior to the Thursday 10:00 p.m. deadline
  • Unless specified by the Permit Committee; Permits are only applicable only to the match for which the Permit is applied

Good luck to all Clubs in the run home to the Finals


CV – Guidelines for Smoke affected environments

The BHRDCA has been requested by Cricket Victoria to share the following message with all Club Officials, Coaches, Captains, players and Umpires.

With the onset of bushfire smoke having the potential to impact matches, grounds, and posing a health risk to players and officials, the below information can help your association or club with managing the risks associated with air quality, smoke and exercise.

Noting how quickly weather conditions can change and smoke pollution can become significantly worse or significantly improve in the space of hours, the decision to play or train should ideally be considered in the same way as other weather events (rain, poor light) and be made on the day.  However, this needs to be balanced against the health risks, potential inconsistent application of approach where there are no official umpires, and in many cases the lack of a “real time” measure of air quality.  This may require competition organisers to implement a blanket cancellation of matches prior to game day.

It is recommended that competition administrators advise all players and officials of the heightened risk to health when participating in smoke-polluted conditions. Those exercising are particularly at risk because of the increase in air entering the airways and triggering respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

The following considerations should be taken into account when deciding to play or train when air quality is a potential issue.

General air quality at the ground / training facility

  • If any of the air quality measures are over 200, we advise serious consideration be given to suspending play/training.  Noting that ‘real time’ measures may not be available, the 24-hour rolling average measure should be considered along with the other points below (acknowledging that the 24-hour rolling average may over or underestimate the actual air quality at the time of judgement). Air quality measures for Victoria can be found via the link here.


  • Where visibility is poor, air quality will be poor.
  • Assessment of visibility will be similar to bad light considerations.

Player feedback

  • Match officials / coaches / captains should monitor players and officials for signs of feeling unwell and seek regular feedback.
  • Those with known respiratory conditions are coping and have the support they need including medications

You can also read up on Cricket Australia’s Smoke Pollution Guidelines for Community Cricket.

Should you have any questions on this recommendation, please contact the BHRDCA Secretary or BHRDCA Admin. Mgr.


2019/20 Match Ratio Ladders

All Clubs,

Where an unequal number of Byes occur in Grades with an odd number of Teams participating, the application of a Match Ratio ladder applies per BHRDCA Senior Rule 1(d) & Junior Rule 28.3.

Ladders for the following Grades – I Grade (Senior Section) and U/14 Fri A, U /14 Fri B (Blue) & U/12 Fri B (Gold) (Junior Section) have been calculated and uploaded to the Website > Club & Playing Resources > Match Ratio Ladder > 2019/20 Match Ratio Ladders   

NOTE: These Ladders override any ladders for these Grades that are visible on MyCricket.


Post Xmas – Closure of Transfers & Clearances

All Clubs,

Welcome back to the 2019/20 BHRDCA post Xmas season and good luck to all Clubs and teams as you fight for finals contention.

A reminder that MyCricket Player Transfers and Clearances close for the 2019/20 season this Thursday 9th January at 8:00 p.m.

For further details/clarification on this aspect of MyCricket Player movements, please refer Rule 9(c) (iv) & (v).


BHRDCA T20 Round 1 – 12/11/2019

All Clubs,

Owing to the current and forecast rain & bad light conditions for tonight, the BHRDCA CoM has cancelled tonight’s round of T20 matches.

All teams should complete their matches as a Drawn result and include a Team Sheet on MyCricket.


BHRDCA 2019/20 T20 Competition Rules

All Clubs,

Please note the T20 Rules for the 2019/20 Competition season have now been updated and posted on this Website and can be found at Club & Playing Resources > Rules & Regulations > Senior Rules

Good luck to all Clubs/Teams as they commence their respective competitions on Tuesday night



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