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This grant is winnable but very competitive for any organisation to win, let alone a Sporting organisation.  Nonetheless with a compelling unique story to tell, some Sporting Organisations win the grant. 23% of applicants won this grant last round. There is high oversubscription and we as Sporting organisations are competing against Historical societies, Museums, etc. Refer to attached winners from last round, https://prov.vic.gov.au/round-16-recipients-2017-2018.

But if you have a compelling, unique story to tell that has wide audience reach, then let’s discuss and possibly apply. The grant able to be applied for is for up to $15,000 but most Sporting organisations win much less (a couple of $ thousand at most).

Link to last year’s winners: https://prov.vic.gov.au/round-16-recipients-2017-2018 to possibly stimulate some ideas.

Some examples of organisations we have won the grant for to date are:

  • Box Hill Reporter Cricket Association (BHRDCA) for “Researching, Collecting and Preserving Over 128 Years of the Association’s History”
  • Maccabi Sport Victoria for “Researching, Collecting, Preserving, Sharing and Displaying over 100 Years of Sport as an Integral Part of Jewish Immigration to Victoria”
  • Powerhouse Rowing Club “Researching, Collecting and Preserving over 85 Years of the Association’s History to Produce an E-Book”.
  • Moreland City Soccer Club for a cabinet to display their 100 year history
  • “My World is Round” to capture the history of Football (Soccer) in Victoria (“Recording of oral history of Victorian “Soccer” migrants).

The grant will fund items that help preserve, record and share the local, social and community history of Victoria and Victorians. Refer below to what will be funded:

  • The recording of oral histories
  • The preparation of local history e-publications
  • Conservation of objects and records. If a conservator is engaged, they should be a member of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM) http://aiccm.org.au/need-a-conservator
  • Cataloguing of objects and records
  • Development and production of exhibitions
  • Online projects that provide local history information or resources
  • Training in local history or collection management skills
  • The design and production of interpretation panels and signage
  • The digitisation and online publishing of collection items and local history information (Note that this does not include the digitisation of public records)
  • Digital storytelling including film and DVD projects
  • Apps for mobile devices
  • Consultancy fees for the provision of specialist skills not found within the organisation
  • The purchase of archival quality materials
  • The purchase of high standard storage and display cases
  • Newspaper digitisation projects
  • Microfilm digitisation
  • Equipment and assets to display or preserve collection

Deadline for this grant is Tuesday 18 December 2018.

Let us know if interested, what type of project are you looking to do, as well as provide us some background on your organisation’s history (most clubs provide us a document or a link to their club history) that would be appreciated. And then we can discuss from there.
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Omee Garcia

Grant Professionals

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