The Heritage Committee has delved into BHRDCA history and provided the record of bowlers who have taken 8 wickets in the Senior Grade Grand Final.

Mark Jones effort in the “X Golf Knox” Ray McIntosh Shield Grand Final have made him the first bowler in 127 years to have performed the feat twice in different Grand Finals – with acknowledgement to Canterbury legend; Harry Swan, who backed up 8/81 in the 1st Innings with the same figures in the second Innings of the 1931/32 Grand Final vs. Box Hill!

8/42 Mark Jones (East Burwood) vs. Vermont (2016/17)

8/56 Mark Jones (East Burwood-Bennettswood) vs. Vermont (1998/99)

8/42 Russell Baird (Nunawading) vs. Doncaster Footballers (1973/74)

8/24 Norm Mullens (East Burwood) vs. East Doncaster (1952/53)

8/52 Henry Wilson (Blackburn) vs. Mitcham (1932/33)

8/81 Harry Swan (Canterbury) vs. Box Hill 1st Innings (1931/32)

8/81 Harry Swan (Canterbury) vs. Box Hill 2nd Innings (1931/32)

8/44 Cedric Crouch (Doncaster) vs. Box Hill (1920/21)

8/46 Lou Barelli (Mitcham) vs. Canterbury (1909/10)

Other records associated with the BHRDCA’s long history can be found under the Heritage tab on this website.


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ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

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