To all Club Administrators…


There are a number of anomalies in the respective ladders, with approximately three dozen matches still remaining incomplete across all four competitions i.e. Seniors, Juniors, Vets & T20 Competitions.


Until the MyCricket records are updated, the matches will remain “In Progress” and any match points earned will not be included in Ladder calculations. You can observe the errant matches by viewing the Ladders using the ‘By Round’ option which will then display a blank where the match points would normally display.


Until these matches are corrected the Ladders will remain incomplete/incorrect and may not reflect your clubs standing in that Grade. If you are unsure or need assistance don’t hesitate to contact me.


Steve Flemming.

BHRDCA Admin. Mgr.



To all Clubs,


Please ensure you are familiar with the 2015/16 Permit conditions (Attachment 7 of the BHRDCA Senior Rules) which apply from the first two (2) Day match on resumption after the Xmas break.


This is particularly relevant to the Finals & Player Qualification standards which apply to the 2015/16 season Final series.


Thanks for your support of the Permit Committee to date this season & may you and your families enjoy the festive season and a prosperous New Year.


BHRDCA Permit Committee




To all Clubs,


For clarity, we have been asked a couple of times what occurs when a team is dismissed prior to the maximum overs in an uninterrupted Days Play (i.e. 80/64 Over Two Day Match conditions)


Note: With the Innings Changeover of 3 overs now removed, a maximum of 80/64 overs, in an uninterrupted days play, MUST BE bowled on Day 1, in any combination of either Team A (Batting its maximum quota of 80/64) or Team A/Team B (Batting the maximum quota of 80/64 in combination)


Example: If Team A is dismissed in the 67th over, then Team B must bat for the remaining 13 overs of the days play. If Team A is dismissed in the 77th over; Team B must bat the remaining 3 overs in the days play.


A Rule change proposing to introduce an over reduction in the instance of Team A dismissing Team B prior to the full days play (80/64 Overs) was not accepted and therefore DOES NOT APPLY in season 2015/16.



All Clubs,


Please note MyCricket Permits are required for potential T20 Players as defined by the BHRDCA T20 Rules Manual 2015/16 (included on the BHRDCA Website under the Senior Rules tab)


To avoid any disappointment please ensure that all Permit requests are lodged via MyCricket (Email or phone requests will not be actioned until lodged via MyCricket). This ensures transparency for all clubs who seek permitted players as well as their opponents who may come up against such a permitted player.



Confirming advice to all clubs from BHRDCA Secretary (Peter White)…


Tuesday nights (10th November) washed out T20 Matches have now been rescheduled to next Tuesday November 17th, and all T20 Grade Fixtures have been updated to reflect this date change. Also, after the inclusion of Blackburn Nth Utd. in the T20 Top Notch Trophies Grade, the fixture has been recast removing the Bye Round.


These changes are all now reflected on MyCricket.



Today, courtesy of Steve Tully (Mitcham CC), links recording all Senior Grade, Veterans Grade Premierships and the overall Club Premiership tally, from the BHRDCA’s extensive history from 1890 to 2014/15 have been uploaded.


We have also posted, courtesy of the BHRDCA Historian (Andy Lambert) a potted history of all player achievements, records & statistics from the inception of the competition in 1890 until 1965.


Where there are gaps in our records we encourage Clubs or individuals who believe they can add to or correct these records, to contact the BHRDCA Admin. Mgr. for these updates to be included.

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ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

The Volunteer Of The Month Is:

OCTOBER: Graham Holinger (Kerrimuir CC)
NOVEMBER: David Elliott (Laburnum CC)
DECEMBER: Robert Nash – Nunawading CC
JANUARY: Simon Meade (Vermont South CC)
FEBRUARY: Luke Gibson (Blackburn CC)
MARCH: Joint winners - Ken Calder (Glen Waverley Hawks CC) & Steve Judd (Koonung Heights CC)