Due to inclement weather, the safety risk to players and after inspection of a number of venues, all Junior Matches scheduled for this evening (Friday 21/10) have been cancelled.



As a result of Team additions/withdrawals an overhaul of all Junior Fixtures has been conducted today.


All Clubs should review their respective Junior Grade fixtures, inclusive of those applicable to this coming week (Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun fixtures have been altered) and take note of any Venue alterations and/or Opponents that may have occurred.


There are a small number of Venue clashes after the Xmas break which will be removed with further fixture tinkering in the coming weeks



The 2016/17 Umpires fees as approved by the BHRDCA CoM and the BHRDCA Umpires Association have now been posted on the BHRDCA Website.


To review them please click on the Umpires tab on the Website and then on the Umpires Fees tab



To all Clubs with affiliations in I & J Grade, the CoM has determined, because of ground conditions, that these two Grades will be cancelled for this Weekend 8/10/2016 (Round 1).


Due to other ground availability issues, some refixturing has been necessary and all impacted clubs will be advised today.


Good luck to all Clubs



The 2016/17 BHRDCA Junior Rules have been updated to include a corrected and expanded Junior Rules Summary Sheets (last two pages of the Document) .


This document is now posted on the BHRDCA Website under the ‘Club & Playing Resources’ Tab > ‘Rules & Regulations’ > ‘Junior Rules’


It includes a Date control (5/10/2016) on the Title Page & on the Junior Rules Summary so any version circulating without this date should be discarded.



The following is an open invitation to ANY player currently playing BHRDCA seniors, and  / or BHRDCA U18’s, that has a date of birth of 01/09/1998 to 31/08/2000:

 You are invited to attend the following U18 trials, with the opportunity to be selected to represent either the:

U18 Inner East Emus turf team, in the Cricket Victoria State Championships.

U18 BHRDCA turf team, in the VMCU Phil Arnold Shield

Sunday 9th October
10am to 1pm

Schramms Reserve, Fitzroy Doncaster CC
1 turf wicket and synthetic nets

Sunday 23rd October
10am to 1pm
Camberwell Sports Ground, Camberwell CC
1 turf wicket and synthetic nets

Sunday 30th October
10am to 1pm
Schramms Reserve  Fitzroy Doncaster CC
1 turf wicket and synthetic nets

If you are intending to trial, Please advise Ross Chambers on: chambers.ross@optusnet.com.au  and Justin Lui on:  justinlui@live .com.au

All Senior Grade fixtures for the 2016/17 season (Ray McIntosh Shield to J Grade) have now been made live on MyCricket.


NOTE: Two teams; Vermont CC 5th XI (G Grade) and East Burwood 5th XI (J Grade), do not have a dedicated Home venue (at present), and may be forced to play a Sunday fixture or rely on venues freed up by a BYE (J Grade has the only Bye at present) or a Forfeit.


Efforts to obtain a venue for these clubs will continue into next week, however in the interim and until a venue is located, when these two teams are scheduled at Home discussions will take place between the respective Club, CoM and their opponents for the most suitable outcome in advance of any such home match.


Any queries regarding the 2016/16 Fixtures should be directed to the Secretary; Peter White or Admin. Mgr.; Steve Flemming


Good luck to all clubs in 2016/17



Hi All

As mentioned at the last delegates meeting and the season launch there is one more opportunity for clubs to return last seasons stock of Platypus Googly balls.

This is the only ball that is being swapped over.

For clubs that didn’t attend the season launch last week, scorebooks can also be collected at the same time.

This will be done Tuesday October 4th at Forest Hill CC between 5pm and 9pm

There are to be no Platypus Googly balls used from last seasons stock. With the change in manufacturing process any balls that fail will be easily identifiable.

The balance of the fixtures will be released over the weekend and there will be some Sunday play scheduled. We still have 1 or 2 grounds unconfirmed so pending that information we can provide clearer information.

There is also still confusion around when to use clearances or transfers. If you have any questions on any issue please contact Steve Flemming in the first instance. You are much better validating your opinion and/or getting the same answer twice than believing you have the right answer when you don’t!!

Player availability for round 1 for those that are new to your club is dependent on the correct process being followed.

Good luck to all clubs and may the sun shine.



The 2016/17 fixtures for Ray McIntosh Shield, Howard Wilson Shield, Dorothy McIntosh Shield and A Grade, as advised at last nights 2016/17 Season launch, have now been made live on MyCricket.


Grades B to J i.e. remaining Two Day, Split Innings, Reduced Over & One Day Grades will be released once affiliation and ground availability is finalised asap next week.


Good luck and good cricket to all clubs in the coming summer.





The BHRDCA  Website has been updated to reflect the 2016/17 Senior Competition Rules & 2016/17 Player Point System (PPS) Rules (as approved by Delegates at the May 2016 Annual General Meeting & Rules Meeting.)


A reminder to those Clubs whose 1st XI is in Ray McIntosh Shield, Howard Wilson Shield or Dorothy McIntosh Shield, you are required to be compliant with the 2016/17 PPS point limit of 22 Points for your 1st XI matches this season.


Links to these updates can be found by selecting the ‘Club and Playing Resources’ tab on the BHRDCA Website, then on the drop down ‘Rules & Regulations’ menu and then on the drop down ‘Senior Rules’ menu where the documents can be accessed.


Please familiarise yourselves with these Rules as they apply to the coming season.


Any queries associated with the above can be directed to the BHRDCA Secretary; Peter White or the BHRDCA Administration Mgr.; Steve Flemming

Please see attached correspondence received from Scott Tutton at Cricket Victoria concerns the use of helmets for 2016/17 season and beyond.

The Key points are:
– all juniors must wear helmets when batting and wicket keeping
– helmets will become compulsory for all senior community cricketers by the 2019-20 season
– helmets must be compliant with the British Standard BS7928-2013, as prescribed by the ICC


Rod Patterson

VMCU – Administrator

Ph 0408 088 580

Email: rodney.patterson@vmcu.org.au

Opening of Round 1 of the VicHealth Active Club Grant Program.

In the first of two rounds for 2016-17, two levels of funding grants – up to $3,000 or up to $10,000 – are available to community sports clubs across Victoria.

Providing huge benefits for the community, VicHealth’s Active Club Grants program has been supporting local sports clubs in remote, rural, regional and metropolitan areas to get more Victorians living healthier and happier lives for nearly three decades.

Social sports and programs for women and girls will be the winners in VicHealth’s latest funding round.

VicHealth is looking to fund clubs which:

  • demonstrate how they will get more women and girls involved in physical activity, through new or recently established programs, activities and opportunities
  • start up a social or modified sport program which will attract more people to be regularly physically active.

VicHealth CEO Jerril Rechter said female participation in sport is still lower than male involvement, and due to a lack of time and confidence, many women and girls fail to fit the recommended 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity into their week.

“Too many people still think that being active means you have play an organised sport, run a marathon or win a trophy. Our research shows that every step really does count, and anything that gets you moving is beneficial. With these grants, VicHealth wants to support a wider range of opportunities for everyone to get active – particularly those aimed at women and girls. Non-traditional, social and modified sports are becoming an increasingly popular choice” Ms Rechter said.

Social sport includes more flexible, fun and less-structured opportunities with a focus social interaction, and less emphasis on performance, results and competition – they might be modified to increase opportunities across age, disability, skill level, fitness level, lifestyle, or location.

For further information or to apply online, visit http://www.vichealth.vic.gov.au/activeclub


We wanted to share with you a video produced titled “Being A Welcoming Cricket Club” that highlights how your club teams can be more welcoming on match day.

The footage was captured during a Sunday One Day match between Sunshine Heights CC v Avondale Heights CC in the Victorian Turf Cricket Association.

All the people featured in the footage are non-actors and all the components of the video are real and occur at each match –


Footage and tip sheets available via link below.





NICK HATZOGLOU | Manager – Club Cricket
Cricket Australia | 60 Jolimont St | Jolimont Victoria 3002
Direct: +61 3 9653 8861 | Fax: +61 3 9653 8889 | Mobile: +61 425 733 105
Nick.Hatzoglou@cricket.com.au | www.cricket.com.au

We wanted to share with you an opportunity to register for our new Club Support program.

What is the Club Support Program?

The Club Support Program is a series of 8 emails designed to guide committees and club volunteers through the key activities which should be undertaken by the club during the appropriate time of the year. Each email will not only list a range of tasks but link to resources, information, tools and templates designed to support and empower volunteers to successfully undertake each task.

The Club Support Program emails are in checklist format so volunteers can update the status of tasks as they progress throughout the year.

To register for the program, click the link below and enter your details. You will then automatically be sent the various support emails, resources and helpful information at the appropriate time, leading into and during the cricket season.


If you have any questions about the program or any issuing in signing up, please do not hesitate to contact us on cricketvolunteers@cricket.com.au

Kind regards


NICK HATZOGLOU | Manager – Club Cricket
Cricket Australia | 60 Jolimont St | Jolimont Victoria 3002
Direct: +61 3 9653 8861 | Fax: +61 3 9653 8889 | Mobile: +61 425 733 105
Nick.Hatzoglou@cricket.com.au | www.cricket.com.au

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ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

The Volunteer Of The Month Is:

OCTOBER: Ross Kainey - Blackburn North
NOVEMBER: Jo Bowler - Blackburn
DECEMBER: Narayanan Ramakrishnan - Burwood Districts
JANUARY: Jason Brooker - Mitcham
FEBRUARY: Jason Seedy - Vermont South
MARCH: Simone Hewitt - Laburnum