All Clubs,


Discussion took place at the Delegates Meeting on Tuesday night with respect to Permit conditions and exemptions for clubs who have successive Club teams four or more BHRDCA grades apart.


The CoM has today circulated to all Club Presidents/Secretaries, clarification on this ruling, which may create greater flexibility in the selection of players, seeking to move within successive Club Grades in the pre Xmas component of the 2015/16 season. Please confer with your President/Secretary for this advice.


If any Club has a concern over this advice, contact Tom Anderson (Permit Committee Chairman) or myself to discuss further.


Steve Flemming

BHRDCA Admin. Mgr.

All PPS compliant Clubs,


All players submitted via the 2014/15 updated Spreadsheet and/or on new Player PPS Application forms for the 2015/16 season have now been made PPS compliant on MyCricket.


The player points for each player should now be visible to all who select their respective Teams on MyCricket as well as, on match day to clubs participating in their respective match i.e. opposing teams can view each other’s player points once the Team Sheet has been entered on MyCricket.


Please note if a player selected has no (zero) points next to his name then he IS NOT registered for PPS at your club. To avoid disappointment and the possibility of having a result reversed, by way of Forfeit, Clubs must strictly comply with the PPS Rules (Rules & Regulations Tab on the Website) and provide a new player submission to me and/or Peter White asap and prior to the match being confirmed, in which the player first participated for your club.


Yours in Cricket,


Steve F.

BHRDCA Admin. Mgr.


All Clubs,


Throughout the past few weeks, the BHRDCA Website has been undergoing a transformation to make it more user friendly & relevant for all Clubs, their administrators, players and supporters of the Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association.


This includes switching the Website to a more secured server, updating the headline ‘tabs’ and their ‘drop down’ options for more relevance, including refreshed links for BHRDCA Committee Contacts, Club Contacts, Association Venues, International, National & Local Laws of Cricket, Senior, Junior & Veterans Rules, BHRDCA Regulations, BHRDCA Policy documents etc. These and other links will be progressively uploaded over the next few days.


Additionally we have added new sections covering…


  • a Heritage component where much of the Associations history of over 125 years in operation will be uploaded by the BHRDCA Heritage Committee,
  • an Image Gallery where much of the Competitions representative, playing and social interaction will be stored,
  • a Meetings tab where Minutes of AGM’s, Delegates Meetings etc may be accessed & read, and
  • an Event Calendar which will include key dates and events for the 2015/16 season


We thank you for your patience while this upload process takes place and ask you to familiarise yourself with the new layout and information provided.



All Clubs,


Please note new versions of the 2015/16 Senior & Junior Rules (inclusive of their conversion to PDF’s), have been posted on the BHRDCA Website (Click on Resources, then Rules, Regulations & Policies).


The Senior Rule updates include further clarification (provided by the BHRDCA Umpires Association) on BHRDCA Local Rules as well as layout changes to make the document more user friendly.


The Junior Rule updates include confirmation, in Attachment 7 (Split Innings Rules), of the introduction of this playing format to all Under 14 and Under 12 (Friday & Saturday Grades) as unanimously voted for inclusion, at the recent Junior Delegates Meeting.


Should any Club wish to discuss these updates, contact the BHRDCA Admin. Mgr.; Steve Flemming on 0420 904 467



All Clubs,


For clarification; in 2015/16: the 12 player grades are B Grade to G Grade inclusive…


B Grade to E Grade are allowed (for Two Day Games only) to select 12 players per Senior Rule 9(e), 12 Players per Team (Interchange Player Rule)


F Grade & G Grade (Split Innings) are allowed (For all Two Day & One Day Games) to select 12 players per Senior Rule Attachment 6, Split Innings Rules



All Clubs,


At the end of a match both Captains must agree that the Scorebooks are an accurate reflection of the game, i.e. they must balance and should, in theory, be correct and matching each other in the details associated with Batting, Bowling & Fielding, inclusive of any Sundries involved.


Home teams should enter the match scores for both teams and ensure that their records of the match are correct within 26 Hours (Seniors/Veterans) & 32 Hours (Juniors) after the completion of the final days play and importantly then save the match with the result of the game.


The Away team then gets an additional 24 hours within which they should either check that their player performances are correct, if entered by the Home Team, or if not entered by the Home Team, complete them and “Confirm” the result as an accurate reflection of what occurred in the match.


Any discrepancies should be sorted out via communication between Clubs; all Contact details are on the BHRDCA Website or have been distributed to Clubs by the Section Mgrs.



As the 2015/16 season commencement draws near, there have already been many new MyCricket Player Registrations, Clearances and Transfers effected by Clubs. To avoid confusion and rejection of these applications please note…


Any player who has not played cricket previously and/or does not have a MyCricket ID will require a MyCricket Player Registration. This will add the player to your clubs MyCricket database and create their eligibility for player insurance cover


A MyCricket Player Clearance is required when you are recruiting a new player to your club, who has previously been registered on MyCricket and played with another BHRDCA affiliated club


A MyCricket Player Transfer is required when you are recruiting a new player to your club, who has previously been registered on MyCricket and played with another club that is NOT affiliated with the BHRDCA


An updated listing of all 2015/16 Senior and Junior clubs affiliated with the BHRDCA can be located on the Website – Click on the ‘About’ Tab and then on ‘2015/16 Club Contacts’


If you have any queries on the MyCricket Registration, Clearance or Transfer process, please give me a call on 0420 904 467.

Steve Flemming

BHRDCA Admin. Mgr.

At the recent umpires AGM, Steve Markwell stood down at the completion of his 4 year term as the umpires constitution decrees. Pat Lambert was elected to the role of President. Russ Punton remains as Secretary, Neil Glanville as Treasurer and Des Hearn as the Umpires Advisor.


Pat can be contacted on 0434 212 362 or email and would welcome contact from the Clubs on any issue. Pat will also sit on the Committee of Management as part of his new role.


Congratulations to Pat and thanks to Steve.




Dates of play for 2015/16


After consultation with delegates at the meeting on July 29, we can announce the dates of play for the 2015/16 season. There are unique challenges this season driven by the AFL Grand Final being played a week later than normal, Labour day being held a week later than normal and Easter being early next year; Easter Saturday is March 26.


Round 1 October 10

Round 2 October 17 & 24

Round 3 October 31 & November 7

Round 4 November 14 & 21

Round 5 November 28 & December 5

Round 6 December 12 & 19

Round 7 January 9

Round 8 January 16

Round 9 January 23 & 30

Round 10 February 6 & 13

Round 11 February 20 & 27

Semi Final March 5 & 6 – No Reserve Day

Grand Finals March 12 & 13 (Sun) McIntosh Shield Reserve Day March 14 (Mon)

Grand Finals March 12 & 19 All other Grades Reserve Day March 20 (Sun)


BHRDCA Committee of Management

The Minutes of the 2014/15 Annual General Meeting – incorporating the Rule Changes proposed/accepted from the pre AGM Meeting and those accepted on the night of the AGM, have now been posted in the Past Meeting folder (under the Resources tab on the BHRDCA Website) or refer to the following link:  BHRDCA 2015 AGM Minutes


Note that those Rules held over on the night for further discussion and pre work before the September Delegates Meeting, will be raised again at that Meeting to be either ratified or rejected as inclusions prior to the 2015/16 season commencing.


Steve Flemming (BHRDCA Admin. Mgr.)

Sponsors, Partners & Supporters

BHRDCA Events Calendar

ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

The Volunteer Of The Month Is:

OCTOBER: Graham Holinger (Kerrimuir CC)
NOVEMBER: David Elliott (Laburnum CC)
DECEMBER: Robert Nash – Nunawading CC
JANUARY: Simon Meade (Vermont South CC)
FEBRUARY: Luke Gibson (Blackburn CC)
MARCH: Joint winners - Ken Calder (Glen Waverley Hawks CC) & Steve Judd (Koonung Heights CC)