All BHRDCA Junior Clubs,

 NOTE: Owing to the continual rain today and the forecast conditions continuing throughout Friday night the BHRDCA Junior Committee has cancelled all play for Saturday morning Fast 9’s and Super 7’s, as well as the Woolworth’s Blast programs 

BHRDCA Jun. Committee

All BHRDCA Junior Clubs,

PLEASE NOTE: Owing to the extended pattern of rain overnight and the forecast conditions continuing throughout today the BHRDCA Junior Committee has cancelled all play in Friday night competitions. Also a decision on play re Saturday morning Fast 9’s and Super 7’s will be made by 8:00 p.m. tonite and advised via the BHRDCA Website & Social Media outlets 

BHRDCA Jun. Committee

The BHRDCA Junior Committee is aware of the dire weather forecast for this evening and for Friday and will review playing conditions by 11 a.m. Friday and & provide a further update on the state of play for Friday night matches then.


All Clubs,

The CoM, applying the Melbourne BoM updated forecast of rain and extreme conditions for the next few hours as well as this afternoon across Melbourne, the Eastern and outer eastern suburbs, has cancelled all play for today.



All BHRDCA Shield Clubs,

The CoM is aware of the weather forecast for Saturday and will review conditions early Sat a.m. & provide a further update on the state of play for Senior matches by 10:00 a.m. Saturday


All Clubs,

T20 Fixtures for 2019/20 are now live on MyCricket. There are six Grades with six teams playing five H & A rounds, Semi Finals & a Grand Final in each Grade.

The competition gets underway at 5.15 p.m. Tuesday 12th November and the Grand Finals are played on Monday 17th February (Kookaburra Sport Shield) & Tuesday 18th February (all other grades)

Good luck to all teams


Grant for travel and accommodation costs (only) incurred by “elite” athletes for an event or mandatory training as part of their pathway to representing Victoria in National competitions.

Hi all

This grant aims to help elite athletes with the travel and accommodation costs they incur as part of their pathway to national representation level (e.g. representing Victoria in National competitions).

This grant has, in previous rounds, been heavily over-subscribed, with the vast majority of applications failing to win any funding.  As a result the grant provider is attempting to avoid wasting everyone’s time by being clearer on eligibility, particularly in relation to the definition of ‘elite’ to more specifically refer to athletes that have been selected or short listed for selection to represent Victoria in their chosen sport.

The Athletes Pathway Travel Grants program provides grants to improve Victorian athlete development pathways from Community to National representation level.  Support is available to assist with the costs of Travel and Accommodation for:

  • High performing athletes to represent Victoria
  • Emerging athletes travelling to train or compete at events that contribute to their development within their sporting pathway towards State and National representation

Who can apply / eligibility?
Victorian Sport and Recreation Clubs can apply for funding on behalf of emerging athletes or teams to train or compete at events that contribute to their development within their sporting pathway (i.e. need to demonstrate that the events are recognised as the defined pathway for progression).

These clubs can also apply for funding for coaches and officials, but not for parents to accompany athletes.

Note that all participants must be over 11 years of age as at the 1st January of the year in which the eligible travel will occur.
Each funding round organisations can apply for two grants.

  • Grants of up to $2,000 is available for teams with a maximum of $500 per team member.
  • Grants of $750 for individuals.

Victorian sport and recreation clubs are eligible for a maximum of two grants in any financial year.
The travel and accommodation costs in this instance must occur between the 5th November 2019 and the 30th June 2020.

State Sporting Associations recognised by Sport and Recreation Victoria can apply for funding on behalf of high performance athletes or teams that represent Victoria.  This representation may include mandatory training camps, selection trials and national championships / events.
In this category, for each funding round, organisations can apply for:

  • Two grants for individuals up to a maximum of $1500 each.
  • One grant of up to $6000 for teams with a maximum of $1000 per team member.

Recognised organisations will be eligible for a maximum of three grants in any financial year
The travel and accommodation costs in this instance must occur between the 1st January 2020 and the 30th June 2020.
The following will not be eligible:

  • Athletes that are playing at the highest level for that sport in Victoria, unless those athletes have also been short listed or selected to represent Victoria in National competitions
  • Athletes attending an event which is not recognised by their State Sporting Association as a National event for which qualification to participate can only be achieved through a defined pathway
  • Officials who volunteer to attend and officiate at National events / titles
  • Athletes who receive funding or in-kind assistance from the Victorian Institute of Sport or the Australian Institute of Sport
  • Applicants who have received a grant under this program in the previous financial year

Please note:

  • The club / sporting organisation must apply on behalf of the team / individual/s. An individual cannot apply.
  • The event must be of some National significance and a pathway to National representation level.
  • The grant will only cover travel and accommodation costs, not any other costs.

If you are unsure of eligibility please contact us. We can also clarify eligibility with the grant provider.

If you believe you are eligible, please provide the following simple details:

  • Who is the elite individual or team?
  • What travel and accommodation costs will they incur? (e.g. flights, fuel etc) and how much for approximately. Note that the costs must be incurred within the eligibility dates noted.
  • For what purpose e.g. which event? which activity? for regular training?

While the grant Deadline is 4th November, please ensure that you respond with all necessary information by no later than the 30th October for us to guarantee submitting your application on time.  We will of course endeavour to submit applications for any late applicants, but cannot guarantee being able to meet the deadline.  Quotes are not needed.

Yours Sportingly
Nicholas Becker
Grant Professionals

As we reach the fixtures associated with One Day matches a reminder of the Line Marking obligations for all clubs participating in 40 Over One day games – Refer BHRDCA Senior Rules 3(n)…

A 27.5 metre Fielding restriction circle is to be adopted in all 40 Over One Day matches.

  • Area of Restriction; the restricted area shall be the area around the pitch within semi-circles, one at each end, and straight lines, one on each side.
  • Semi-circles and line measurements; the radius of each semi-circle shall be 27.5 metres from the centre stump and the extremities of its base shall meet with the straight lines of pitch length, at points either side of the pitch in line with the bowling crease.
  • Marking of area limits; The limits of the restricted area shall be clearly marked by a white line or by flat discs.  The discs shall be 30 in number (min) and approximately 7 metres apart with one disc at each extremity at the bases of the semi-circles.
  • For the first eight overs of each innings no more than two players may be outside the circle; and
  • For the remainder of the innings no more than five players may be outside the circle; and

If the fielding team is in breach of these restrictions when the ball is bowled a NO-BALL will be called


Episode 2


Clint Proctor – Koonung Heights CC Captain
Mark Patterson – Blackburn CC President
Vicky Goyal – MyClubTap

Episode 1:


Russell McManus – Forest Hill CC Captain
Germaine Symon – Laburnum CC Captain
Peter Rosenthal – BHRDCA President
Peter White – Veterans Co-ordintator

All Clubs,

On Monday evening the Delegates of the BHRDCA voted unanimously to rename the current A Grade competition – The Peter White Shield, in honour of the great work Peter has done for the BHRDCA over many seasons.

As a consequence of this renaming, A Grade for the 2019/20 Season has now also been renamed as The Peter White Shield, with the rest of the grades below rolling down from B Grade to J Grade (One Day Grade)


All Clubs,

Please note that the 2019/20 Ray McIntosh Shield, Howard Wilson Shield, Dorothy McIntosh Shield & “A Grade” Fixtures have now been released & published on MyCricket. Other Grades will follow within the next week or so as additional affiliation & fixture requirements are finalised.

As of 24/9 this a.m., B Grade, C Grade & D Grade fixtures have also been released & published on MyCricket.


All Clubs with Super 7 teams,

The supply of balls for this seasons Super 7 competitions (via Kookaburra) is yet to be confirmed for delivery. As an alternative Clubs may use a Gray Nicholls ‘Fusion’ 130g ball. Supplies of this may be ordered through the usual BHRDCA Ball outlets.


All Clubs,

The 2019/20 BHRDCA Junior Rules have been updated to include all revisions agreed to at the recent Delegates Meeting and are now posted on the BHRDCA Website. They can be found at Club & Playing Resources > Juniors > Junior Competition Rules


All Clubs,

A reminder that for any player moving from one BHRDCA Club where they were participating in the 2018/19 season to another BHRDCA Club for the 2019/20 season MUST HAVE a MyCricket Clearance submitted for approval by their previous Club


To all Clubs,

Please note the supply of Cricket Balls for the 2019/20 competition grades, inc. Seniors, Juniors, Veterans (Over 40’s), T20, Stage 2 (Fast 9’s) and Stage 1 (Super 7’s) have been summarised and provided on the link under the Club & Playing Resources > Policies


We loved seeing the post this week from Laburnum Cricket Club, see below how they have utilised association sponsor Childsafe to endorse Child Safe Policies.

Hello to all members of LCC,

The committee recently held an extraordinary meeting where we focused on the responsibilities of the club in relation to the findings from the final report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Cricket Australia has provided guidance to community clubs in relation to our response and commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People, and we subsequently undertook to obtain support from “ChildSafe”, endorse this policy, and adopt the Cricket Australia recommendations.

The Committee made the following official endorsement:

“That the Laburnum Cricket Club endorse and adopt (1) Australian Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children and Young People, (2) Australian Cricket’s ‘Looking After Our Kids’ Code of Behaviour for Affiliated Associations and Clubs, and (3) Australian Cricket’s Commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People, effective as at 25 June 2019”.

Our success in making our club a safe place for children and young people relies on all members and we look forward to working with you to make this work at LCC.

Further details are available via the club website


c/o Laburnum CC Committee 

The BHRDCA CoM is currently awaiting clarification from CA/CV with respect to its position regarding the ICC’s ruling on the application of the new British Standard Helmet and their mandated use. We will advise Clubs/Players on the BHRDCA stance re this ruling, once this clarification is received and a decision is determined.


Please note the next BHRDCA Delegates Meeting will be held on Monday 29th July at the East Burwood Sporting Club, commencing at 7:45 p.m. sharp.

Club Presidents are also encouraged to attend to be updated with the latest news associated with the Cricket East Metro development.


All Clubs/Players,

Please note that the 2019/20 BHRDCA Senior competition rules have now been updated to reflect changes voted in at the 2019 AGM, and posted on this site for application in the forthcoming season. Refer Club & Playing Resources > Rules & Regulations > Senior Rules

The MyCricket operational season has also been updated to reflect 2019/20


Minutes of the 2019 BHRDCA Pre AGM & AGM have now been uploaded onto this site > Club & playing Resources > Past Meetings > 2018/19 Meeting Minutes


Sponsors, Partners & Supporters

BHRDCA Events Calendar

ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

The Volunteer Of The Month Is:

OCTOBER: Ross Kainey - Blackburn North
NOVEMBER: Jo Bowler - Blackburn
DECEMBER: Narayanan Ramakrishnan - Burwood Districts