BHRDCA Junior Executive advises ALL junior matches for today are cancelled due to inclement weather. Apologies for late notice but we will always put the player welfare first. Thank-you.


Ross Chambers

Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association
Round Ten
7 and 14 February 2015

Ray McIntosh Shield
St Davids 131 v Heatherdale 0-35
Blackburn 1-59 v Blackburn South 119
East Burwood 195 (A.Masters 55, Mitch Scott 5-47) v Vermont 2-25
Templestowe v Forest Hill
East Box Hill 8-248dec (D.Yze 111, T.Patrao 4-133) v Koonung Heights1-50
Bulleen Templestowe v Box Hill North Super Kings 235 (B.Carroll 60, S.Carusi 58)



Howard Wilson Shield
Kerrimuir United 1-101dec v Syndal 84 and 5-67
Glen Waverley Hawks v Blackburn North 9-303cc (S.Droscher 119, D.Burton 50, N.Mill 41, L.Galle 4-71)
Laburnum v Vermont South 7-347cc (S.Guruge 130, S.Staddon 57, M.Bright 48, D.Webb 44)
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 7-301cc (K.Arnold 87, J.Swainston 56, M.Wilson 41) v Mitcham
Wyclif 71 and 0-8 v Doncaster 8-161dec



Dorothy McIntosh Shield
Burwood District 1-43 v Bulleen Templestowe 191 (C.Howard 42)
Yarraleen 1-26 v Nunawading 173 (D.Julius 4-43)
Heatherdale 8-280cc v Manningham
Forest Hill v Deakin 278 (H.Bertino 153, A.Manning 5-43)
Vermont v East Burwood 265 (D.Mackechnie 154, Davidson 5-50)
Park Orchards 1-16 v Blackburn 124 (A.Beard 49)



A Grade
Heatherdale 8-246dec v St Davids 1-6
Box Hill North Super Kings 7-380dec (N.Jeewantha 93, P.Verma 82) v Eley Park 2-45
Koonung Heights v East Box Hill 6-262cc (N.Fitopoulos 115*)
Mitcham 160 v Templestowe 2-37
Vermont South 254 (R.Hedrick 129, G.Mitchell 73, A.Bromley 4-59) v Glen Waverley Hawks
Blackburn South v Kerrimuir United 325 (D.Shevlin 141)



B Grade
Blackburn North v Blackburn
Doncaster v Wyclif 8-392cc (E.Hartley 152, S.Eager 53*, R.Randles 53*)
Forest Hill 218 (A.Matthews 110*, Adikaram 4-43) v Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 1-35
Nunawading 2-82 (D.Ranaweera 42) v Laburnum 121 (A.Ratten 51, Z.Dunlop 5-33)
Bye v East Burwood



Round Twelve
C Grade
Vermont 5-115 (Hodson 45, Wright 44*) v Nunawading 111 (Hancock 4-35)
Box Hill North Super Kings 8-342dec (M.Eaton 66, D.Tallariti 66,M.Khan 56) v Templestowe
Koonung Heights 240 (J.Palin 58) v Heatherdale 1-9
East Box Hill 9-270cc (Collopy 146, Excell 4-50) v Mitcham



Round Ten
D Grade
Blackburn South 85 v Yarraleen 7-241dec (Nikolas 84)
Bulleen Templestowe 131 (J.Mason 40) v Glen Waverley Hawks
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 119 v Kerrimuir United 0-12
Mitcham 9-351cc (A.Cumming 122*, D.McLeod Darby 81, S.Tully 50) v Forest Hill
South Sharks 2-173 (B.Mathews 102ret) v Blackburn North 182 (A.Abdullah 91)



E Grade
East Burwood 8-252cc (C.Rudd 91, A.Murilidhar 58, C.Costello 4-50) v Heatherdale
Blackburn d Blackburn South (forfeit)
Manningham v Doncaster
Deakin 1-20 v East Box Hill 102
Vermont South v Wyclif 188 (M.Emery 4-26)



Round Twelve
F Grade
Heatherdale 6-90 v St Davids 3-119
Nunawading 8-160 (D.Payagala 43) v Vermont 3-165 (D.Croft 103ret)
Koonung Heights d East Box Hill (forfeit)
Forest Hill 6-128 (M.Tomkins-Barry 40) v Mitcham 2-192(D.Dawborn 101*)



G Grade
Heatherdale 2-193 v Nunawading 3-121
Templestowe v Bye
Wyclif v Koonung Heights
Forest Hill d Mitcham (forfeit)



Round Seventeen
One Day A Grade
Burwood District 5-149 (K.Grace 50ret, H.Silva 46) d Nunawading 147 (D.Rogers 42)
Park Orchards 4-136 (Wagg 46) d East Box Hill 135 (Braybrook 4-27)
Eley Park 1-69 v Manningham
Bye v Vermont South
Box Hill North Super Kings 9-157 d Syndal 154
Vermont 212 (C.Gislingham 50*) d Melbourne Strikers 101



One Day B Grade
St Davids 5-105 (R.Sutherland 55*) d Yarraleen 97
Melbourne Falcons 7-201cc d Kerrimuir United 106
Glen Waverley Hawks 6-172 (A,Sarve 51ret, K.Javed 41) d Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 8-163cc
Park Orchards 5-161cc d Manningham 8-144cc
Bulleen Templestowe 7-210cc d Doncaster 8-163cc



Round Nine
Under 18 – Maddocks’ Sport Shield
Vermont 3-160cc d Heatherdale 4-158cc (S.Brooks 50, B.Joseph 46, L.Grierson 33
Eley Park 3-106 (B.Gerloff 51*) d Forest Hill 8-94cc
Croydon Ranges v Bye
Heathmont 5-137 (M.Sunderland 3-11) d Vermont South 6-123cc (L.Newton 42 , M.McNulty 37)



Under 18 – Rebel Sport Shield
Mitcham/Blackburn 6-159cc (T.Macrokanis 50*) d Yarraleen 93 (L.McKenzie 3-7, B.Ross 3-13)
Doncaster v Vermont
Blackburn North 1-154cc d EBH/BHNSK 8-114cc
East Doncaster/East Burwood v Bye



Round Eight
Under 16 Sat A Grade – Ron Hennessey Shield
Blackburn v Blackburn North 7-200cc
Heatherdale 1-32 v Mitcham 79
Eley Park 2-14 v Forest Hill 124 (L.Rozakis 3-15, J.Wall 3-29)
Heathmont v Vermont 157 (J.Livingstone 3-19, S.Cosham 4-21, T.Wijekulasariya 3-30)



Under 16 Sat B Grade
Forest Hill v Bye
Vermont 101 (J.Van Zuylen 43) v Yarraleen 0-1
Blackburn South / Monash v Blackburn 186 (J.Cumming 86, J.Tuhan 31, M.Gee 6-22)
St Davids v Heatherdale 8-199cc (N.Neil 76, T. Neil 38)



Under 14 Fri A Grade
Forest Hill 65 v Glen Waverley Hawks 1-76
Blackburn v East Doncaster 92 (K.Hubber 4-8)
Heatherdale Blue v Heatherdale White 8-123cc
Bye v Nunawading



Under 14 Fri B Grade
Donvale 1-146 (K.Gill 60ret, N.Rathnayake 51*) v Blackburn Black 4-76
St Davids 3-58 v Blackburn Red 0-88
Glen Waverley Hawks 6-51 v Park Orchards Red 4-92 (B.Vgood 51*)
Nunawading 4-98 v Park Orchards Black 6-49



Under 14 Sat A Grade
Bulleen Templestowe v East Burwood 224 (L.King 50, Z.Walden 45, B.Warner 38)
Vermont v Heathmont 9-190cc (T.Wynne 53, L.Nicholl 50)
Yarraleen / BHNSK 100 (B.Voudouras 3-8) v Blackburn 1-13
Laburnum v Heatherdale 5-277 (T.Callan 60*, N.McDonald 50*, D.Roberts 32, M.Heron 30)



Under 14 Sat B Grade
Forest Hill 2-78 (C.Griffin 33*) v Blackburn Sth Stone/Kent 1-100 (A.Sidoti 30*)
Vermont 6-90 (L.Barr 30) v Blackburn 5-128 (J.Bardwell 59*)
Kerrimuir United v Doncaster / Mitcham
Mitcham 3-92 (A.Hardie 31*) v Vermont South 4-45
East Doncaster v Laburnum
Monash v Blackburn Sth McRedmond



Under 12 Fri A Grade
Glen Waverley Hawks 5-88 v Blackburn South 6-46
Forest Hill 7-72 v Surrey Hills 4-135
Blackburn 2-153 (L.Alford 41*, I.Merchant 40*) v Mitcham 8-91
Templestowe v Heatherdale



Under 12 Fri B Grade
Park Orchards 1-115 v St Davids 49
Heatherdale v Blackburn Black 5-54
Nunawading 2-83 v Blackburn Red 2-113
Surrey Hills 3-126 v Heathmont 5-94 (B.Cosham 42*)



Under 12 Fri C Grade (Gold)
Forest Hill v Bye
Blackburn South 3-47 v Glen Waverley Hawks 7-56
Bulleen Templestowe 4-53 v Vermont South 0-60
Vermont 5-50 v Heatherdale 5-64
Donvale 4-168 v Nunawading 7-59



Under 12 Fri C Grade (Blue)
East Doncaster v Surrey Hills
Doncaster 4-75 v Park Orchards 4-80
EBH / GW Hawks 1-133 (Bethune 31ret, Salmon 31ret) v Mitcham 3-67
Blackburn 2-72 v Laburnum 3-70
St Davids 4-73 v Bulleen Templestowe 3-83



Under 12 Sat A Grade
Heatherdale v Laburnum
Vermont 4-72 v Blackburn 1-103
Blackburn North 2-109 v Kerrimuir United 2-97



Under 12 Sat B Grade
Blackburn North v Manningham
Blackburn Black 2-60 v Templestowe 3-98
Box Hill North Super Kings 5-110 v Yarraleen 81
Kerrimuir United 6-101 v Vermont 3-113
Mitcham 3-118 v Laburnum 4-98
Bulleen Templestowe v Bye



Twenty20 Semi Finals
Kookaburra Shield
Vermont 1-123 (Mitchell Scott 68*, B.Taylor 51*) d Bulleen Templestowe 9-119cc
Heatherdale 4-145cc (W.De Kretser 79*) d Kerrimuir United 120



Rebel Sport Shield
Box Hill North Super Kings 6-166 (N.Kavinda 87, R.O’Shannassy 4-22) d Forest Hill 9-163cc (R.McManus 56, R.Shanmugan 4-20)
Blackburn South 7-110 d Templestowe 9-108cc



Smash Gear Shield
Vermont South 7-162cc d Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 106
Doncaster 7-147 (J.Waters 68*) d Mitcham 9-148cc



Cheeta Recovery Shield
Heatherdale 6-301cc (H.Toole 89, M.O’Brien 69, N.Clarke 50) d St Davids 189 (A.Garcha 42)
Deakin 6-172 (S.Warren 92) d Laburnum 7-170cc



Maddocks Sports Shield
Wyclif 4-49 d Laburnum 42
Manningham 9-122cc d Yarraleen 6-103cc



Scores not received in time for Sunday papers
Temp v FH (still outstanding)
DMS BD v BT (on MyCricket Sunday morning); Yarraleen v Nunawading (11.32pm)

Not received by 11.00 Sunday 8 February.
B Blackburn North v Blackburn
C Manningham v Doncaster
G Wyclif v KH
ODA EP v Manningham- incomplete score as Manningham innings not reported
U18R Doncaster v Vermont
U14BS KU v Don/Mit; ED v Laburnum; Monash v BDMcR
U12AF Temp v Heatherdale
U12CFB East Doncaster v SH
U12AS Heatherdale v Laburnum

Hi Clubs,

Have you had any kids enquire about playing cricket or playing some more cricket? After another successful Big Bash and with World cup fever about to kick in….some further options include:


New T20 Blast Centres:


Whether you have a team or just the odd child or two keen to get involved in a full 8 week T20 Blast Centre, we can provide opportunities at:


– Friday evenings commencing 6/2/15 – Morton Park Blackburn from 6pm til 7.30pm
– Sunday mornings commencing 8/2/15 – Walker Park Nunawading from 9.30am til 11am


Participants are welcome to come for a Free Come & Try opportunity on these days and then sign up if they are keen to be involved throughout Feb/March.


One Off opportunities to try T20 Blast in February:


We are also encouraging clubs who have not yet become involved in T20 Blast to give it a go! We have capacity to accommodate some teams made up of Milo in2CRICKET kids at East Box Hill CC Howard Wilson Oval .


Our goal is to give the Milo kids the chance to experience T20 Blast as it is the next step in their Cricketing pathway before entering Junior cricket. It is a great chance for Coordinators to experience T20 Blast also and hopefully will provide a better insight for next season when it comes to Registration Days and working out which format a child may be best suited to!


To take up this opportunity, please call Chris Gorrie on 0449 7746 85.

Following are the Grand Final match-ups and venues for next Tuesday’s T20 Grand Finals commencing at 5.30pm.


I encourage non participating clubs to get down to a game and cheer the players on. The semi finals gave us several very exciting contests and the Grand Finals certainly promise to be much of the same, so come along and join in the fun.


Kookaburra Shield
Vermont v Heatherdale @ Vermont Rec Reserve


Rebel Sports Shield
Blackburn Sth v Box Hill Nth SK @ Mirrabooka Res


Smash Gear Shield
Vermont Sth v Doncaster @ Livingstone PS


Cheeta Recovery Shield
Heatherdale v Deakin @ Heatherdale 1


Maddocks Sports Shield
Wyclif v Manningham @ Highfield Res.


Peter White





Mcintosh Shield side
J. SCHAW – EBHCC – Captain


Wilson Shield Side

J. WISE – KUCC – Captain


Kimberley Reserve – CHIRNSIDE PARK OVALS 1 & 2



Thank-you to all who have made themselves available for this event. We hold the trophy and have won it 3 times out of 4, let’s bring it home again!

As we are fast approaching finals and the permits come into play, the Permits Committee have requested that the following advice on permits clarification be sent to all clubs.


It is strongly recommended that all secretaries make themselves familiar with the permit requirements.




The BHRDCA Permits Committee, in applying Rule 10c (iv) and Rule 10d, will consider the ramifications of a player of higher ability (or with a strong achievement record in the current season) seeking to play in a Grade of lower standing in the competition.


If required, restrictions may be imposed on such a player – Refer Rule 10d (vii), that may include; not batting before a specific batting position or not bowling before a specific over bowled in the forthcoming match (in both innings), in which his Club is seeking permission for him to play.


Restrictions may also include permission to play on a Match only basis, with the understanding of the Permits Committee (and the Club) that the player would normally be playing in a higher grade. This restriction is designed to deter extended involvement in the lower grade by the player in question, when he has the ability to impact on the normal flow of results and achievement in that grade, which could potentially skew finals involvement or end of season results, to the detriment of other clubs in that grade who have played all season without such players.

If a permit is issued on a Match only basis and the Club wishes to retain that player in the grade they have been permitted to play, a fresh application must be made for the following match, in accordance with the BHRDCA Permit Rules.


Breach’s of Permit Restrictions
As per above, where a team breach’s the restrictions laid down by the Permits Committee, that team will be deemed to have effectively forfeited the match in which that breach occurred and all players from that side will lose their qualification for that match.


Peter White
(on behalf of the Permits Cttee)

T20 Tri Series v RDCA & ECA

This annual tournament will be held this Sunday, Feb 8, at Kimberley Reserve Chirnside Park.


BHRDCA will field two sides with Wilson being led by Jordan Wise and McIntosh by Andrew Verga. Bobby Mudher will help look after the sides on the day.


BHRDCA will play RDCA at 1pm and ECA at 345pm.
We are the defending champions in each grade and would welcome any support on the day.


Sides will be posted later in the week once finalised.





Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association
Round Nine 24 and 31 January 2015


Ray McIntosh Shield
Box Hill North Super Kings 212 (S.Carusi 77, R.Shanmugan 42) d Blackburn South 194 (N.Weeraman 41)
East Burwood 206 (S.Bramstedt 79, N.Sopirawala 5-57) d Templestowe 91 (C.Jones 4-24) and 8-81 (R.Kavinga 41, M.Jones 6-6)
East Box Hill 6-298dec (J.Schaw 85, D.Yze 66, S.Luby 65, P.Luby 41) d St Davids 129 and 98 (T.Law 6-19) outright
Forest Hill 193 (J.Taun-Henderson 49, T.Patrao 6-62) and 1-65 d Koonung Heights 130 (R.McManus 5-14) and 127 outright
Vermont 198 (Kovassy 4-26) d Heatherdale 194 (C.Lang 49)
Blackburn 5-192 (L.Davis 54) d Bulleen Templestowe 190 (J.Berry 51, M.Hale 45, R.Chancellor 6-46)



Howard Wilson Shield
Wyclif 9-355cc (L.Clift 133, A.Maunder 99) d Blackburn North 272 (D.Wayman 61, B.Davis 57, S.Droscher 53, G.Clift 4-77)
Doncaster 4-204 (S.Noble 60*, J.Waters 48*) d Glen Waverley Hawks 195 (T.Pai 78)
Laburnum d Syndal (forfeit)
Kerrimuir United 7-264 d Mitcham 9-261cc (S.Cann 67, A.Johnson 53, A.Hardy 45)
Vermont South 269 (M.Bright 77, S.Staddon 65, L.Anthony 63) d Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 203 (T.Balaam 81, E.Williams 43)



Dorothy McIntosh Shield
Blackburn 188 d Bulleen Templestowe 175 (D.Pius 58, D.Sticca 49, N.De Preu 4-61)
Forest Hill 8-220cc (B.Buchanan 69, J.Van Zuyden 56, D,Chilcott 5-57) d Yarraleen 153
Heatherdale 8-130dec d Vermont 95 and 8-106
Deakin 8-345cc (M.McDonough 164, M.Iqbal 82, J.Walker 4-68) d East Burwood 219 (J.Triolo 84, G.Bramstedt 55)
Nunawading 165 (T.Batchelor 78) d Manningham 134
Park Orchards 9-136dec d Burwood District 129 (B.Killeen 65, D.De Vas Gunawardena 4-14, T.Matthews 4-43) and 5-77



A Grade
Kerrimuir United 5-217 d Eley Park 215
Mitcham 9-241 (C.Lethlean 113, D.Booth 87) d Koonung Heights 7-240cc (M.Crooks 71, N.Parks 71)
Heatherdale 235 d Vermont South 156 (R.Hedrick 41, L.Grierson 4-34)
Glen Waverley Hawks 8-363cc (A.Bromley 96*, G.Mahoney 74, A.Greaves 59) d Templestowe 145 (A.Morrison 53, N.Papaconstantinou 47*)
East Box Hill 5-154dec d St Davids 140 (P.M.Newman 81,P.Verechia 7-31) and 6-84
Blackburn South 152 (D.Anderson 45) and 3-99 (B.Evans 62*) d Box Hill North Super Kings 128 (S.Field 5-35, J.Armstrong 5-64)



B Grade
East Burwood 4-145 (T.Hughes 53) d Laburnum 142
Forest Hill 207 (R.O’Shannassy 60*, R.Campbell 4-8) d )Doncaster 105 and 4-126 (E.Epstein 59*)
Nunawading 9-184dec (S.Morilly 60) and 0-37 d Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 113 and 104 outright
Wyclif 226 (C.Davis 99, J.Toward 61, P.Roser 6-51) d Blackburn 124 (M.Bianco 5-32)
Bye v Blackburn North



Round Eleven
C Grade
Nunawading 9-290dec (M.Parashis 59, B.Basnayake 44) d Templestowe 230 (S.Walker 66*, O.De Silva 47, D.Clark 5-55)
Box Hill North Super Kings 283 (H.Knight 88, S.Russell 73) d Vermont 233 (K.Hodson 61, J.White 43)
East Box Hill 9-336cc (P.Milne 81, P.Collopy 59, J.Law 54) d Koonung Heights 9-258cc (S.Brookes 66)
Heatherdale 229 (M.Ratnayake 4-47) d Mitcham 125



Round Nine
D Grade
Glen Waverley Hawks 7-227dec (C.Hobart 63, G.McCormick 56) d Blackburn North 176 (M.Ratnayake 4-47) and 46 (A.Chelvan 6-18) outright
Bulleen Templestowe 3-191 (J.Ashmore 49, J. Sticca 47) d Blackburn South 118
Mitcham 6-278cc (S.Tully 100ret, A.Cumming 57, P.Meagher 57) d Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 218 (Lacey 63, Lee 45, Reid 42)
South Sharks 5-224 (B.Matthews 101*) d Forest Hill 7-216cc (I.Wood 61, J.Bruce 41)
Kerrimuir United 5-155 d Yarraleen 152 (J.Dullard 42, N.Gunawardhana 40)



E Grade
Blackburn South 8-268cc (M.Miller 145*) d Wyclif 255 (J.Bianco 99, B.Angley 43, J.Catchpole 42)
Blackburn 0-204 (V.Hadya 101*, S.Harte 50*) d East Burwood 9-184cc (S.Kaul 42, L.Gibson 4-27)
Deakin 5-146 d Manningham 139 (B.McNammany 42)
Vermont South 5-144 (N.McDonald 5-54) d East Box Hill 134
Doncaster 5-120 d Heatherdale 117



Round Eleven
F Grade
Vermont 200 (Kimberley 41, N.Reid 41, N.Sherlock 4-10) d St Davids 196 (Ali 61, Franklin 49, N.Maharaj 5-52)
Heatherdale 5-287cc (A.Jamieson 81*, C.Evans 50) d Nunawading 244 (D.Payagala 103*)
Forest Hill d East Box Hill (forfeit)
Mitcham 283 (M.Niemiec 85, G.Stanton 61) d Koonung Heights 217 (N.Peers 4-27)



G Grade
Nunawading v Bye
Heatherdale 7-319 (K.Clark 67, H.Morgan 61*) d Templestowe 181 (J.Toppi 42)
Forest Hill 6-175dec (C.Veenendaal 60*) d Wyclif 62 (R.Kulkarni 5-18) and 147
Koonung Heights 8-413cc (A.Batten 65, C.Meehan 56) d Mitcham 163



Round Sixteen
One Day A Grade
Box Hill North Super Kings 8-224cc (Parasaktharaja 51*, Yoganathan 48) d Burwood District 177 (Grace 47(
Park Orchards 1-72 (M.Blueing 42) d Vermont South 67 (G.Pollard 5-21, J.Braubrook 4-4)
Melbourne Strikers 6-145 d Manningham 141
East Box Hill v Bye
Syndal v Nunawading
Vermont 193 (C.Gislingham 59*, D.Patterson 51) d Eley Park 54



One Day B Grade
Melbourne Falcons 5-241cc (Kaleru 52*, Madnure 50ret) d St Davids 213 (G.Neal 51*)
Park Orchards 3-103 d Doncaster 98 (M.Stainkamp 4-25)
Glen Waverley Hawks 1-83 d Yarraleen 81
Manningham 131 d Bulleen Templestowe 108
Kerrimuir United 2-167cc (Mooney 51*) d Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 7-153cc



Round Eight
Under 18 – Maddocks’ Sport Shield
Heatherdale 5-229cc (B.Joseph 100*, R.Arguello 54) d Forest Hill 9-216cc (B.Matthews 100*, A.Manning 57, L.Grierson 4-12)
Eley Park 6-200cc (Z.Tzitsikas 77, R,Cox 38) d Vermont 8-189cc (R.Cox 4-35)
Croydon Ranges 245 (B.White 75, R.Saric-Skewes 49, L.Harvey 39) d Vermont South 8-161cc (J.Sali 4-28)
Bye v Heathmont



Under 18 – Rebel Sport Shield
Mitcham/Blackburn 3-330cc (T.Macrokanis 101ret, M.Mahoney 76, W.Macrokanis 51ret, M.Gale 50) d Vermont 207 (S.Bell 35, B.Stoikos 31, M.Gale 6-28)
Doncaster 4-254cc (R.Epstein 100*, B.Davis 80)v Yarraleen
Blackburn North 5-244cc (L.Smith 100*, T.Rimmer 40*) v East Doncaster/East Burwood



Round Seven 31 January 2015
Under 16 Sat A Grade – Ron Hennessey Shield
Mitcham 5-117cc (A.Aggarwal 3-21) d Blackburn 8-113cc (A.Bottomer 33)
Heatherdale 5-118cc (J.Hartill 33) d Vermont 9-80cc (W.Deerbon 4-28, B.Anderson 3-9)
Blackburn North 5-92 d Eley Park 8=89cc
Forest Hill 4-110 (B.McCarthy 50*) d Heathmont 6-104cc (S.Nathan 41, T.Gelbert 37)



Under 16 Sat B Grade
Yarraleen1-119 (N.Hamzovski 50*, M.Pilot 33) d Forest Hill 6-112cc (R.Welsh 50*)
Vermont v Bye
Heatherdale 3-129cc (G.Hodges 53*) d Blackburn South / Monash 9-49cc
St Davids 3-66 d Blackburn 60 (J.Sexton 3-10)



Under 14 Fri A Grade
Nunawading 0-152cc (J.Richardson 31ret, E.Walker 31ret, A,Munukutlia 30ret) d Forest Hill 56
Blackburn 5-85cc d Heatherdale White 5-71cc
Heatherdale Blue 5-84cc (R.Currie 32) d East Doncaster 6-53cc
Bye v Glen Waverley Hawks



Under 14 Fri B Grade
Donvale 6-163cc (J.Murphy 50*, N.Scala 41, K.Gill 32*) d Blackburn Red 4-104cc
Blackburn Black 2-117cc d St Davids 7-64cc
Glen Waverley Hawks 5-107cc d Park Orchards Black 4-65cc
Park Orchards Red 3-126cc d Nunawading 5-67cc



Under 14 Sat A Grade
Heathmont 3-127cc (B.Bretel 30ret, A.Shiraz 30*) d Bulleen Templestowe5-93cc
Vermont 9-135cc (B.Worner 3-14) d East Burwood 3-106cc (L.Vasquez 30)
Heatherdale 4-95cc d Yarraleen / BHNSK 6-86cc (J.Anderson 31ret)
Blackburn 3-128cc d Laburnum 4-96cc



Under 14 Sat B Grade
Forest Hill 7-89cc (L.Williamson 3-15) d Vermont South 8-75cc
Blackburn Sth Stone/Kent 2-135cc d Vermont 7-108cc
Kerrimuir United 5-105cc (Horvat 32ret) d Blackburn Sth McRedmond 8-97cc
Mitcham 4-120 (H.Curnow 31*) d Blackburn 5-117cc
East Doncaster v Doncaster / Mitcham
Monash 2=106cc d Laburnum 3-84cc



Under 12 Fri A Grade
Glen Waverley Hawks 4-120cc d Heatherdale 5-116cc
Mitcham 3-116cc d Surrey Hills 9-106cc
Blackburn 6-128cc d Forest Hill 3-96
Blackburn South 7-122cc dTemplestowe 3-79cc



Under 12 Fri B Grade
Park Orchards 6-98cc d Blackburn Red 4-56cc
Heatherdale 3-117cc Heathmont 2-107cc
St Davids 3-99cc d Nunawading 3-97cc
Surrey Hills 4-113cc d Blackburn Black 8-82cc



Under 12 Fri C Grade (Gold)
Vermont South 4-94cc d Forest Hill 4-70cc
Blackburn South 4-94cc d Nunawading 6-66cc
Bulleen Templestowe 4-90cc d Heatherdale 5-61cc
Vermont v Bye
Donvale 3-94cc d Glen Waverley Hawks 4-62



Under 12 Fri C Grade (Blue)
East Doncaster v Mitcham
Doncaster 3-88cc d Bulleen Templestowe 2-76cc
EBH / GW Hawks 2-113cc d Laburnum 7-69cc
Surrey Hills 7-91cc d Blackburn 5-58cc
Park Orchards 3-93cc d St Davids 5-76cc



Under 12 Sat A Grade
Blackburn 5-105cc d Blackburn North 6-51cc
Laburnum 3-113 d Vermont 7-110cc
Heatherdale 7-121cc d Kerrimuir United 1-108cc



Under 12 Sat B Grade
Yarraleen 7-177cc d Kerrimuir United 6-133cc
Templestowe 4-125cc d Bulleen Templestowe 5-118cc
Box Hill North Super Kings 5-154cc (J.McCarthy 42*) d Blackburn North 148
Mitcham 2-104cc d Vermont 9-62cc
Manningham 6-214cc d Laburnum 6-53cc
Blackburn Black v Bye



Scores received too late for Sunday papers RMS East Burwood v Templestowe (text 8.30pm); St Davids v East Box Hill no report- MyCricket 8.15am Sunday.
Scores not received by 11.00am Sunday: ODA Syndal v Nunawading, U18R Doncaster v Yarraleen. Blackburn North v East Doncaster/East Burwood. U14BS East Doncaster v Doncaster/Mitcham, U12CBF East Doncaster v Mitcham

A huge thanks to all Clubs who have switched their Player Permit application process to the MyCricket system. The BHRDCA Permits Committee processed over two dozen Permits this week via MyCricket in a seamless operation that also saw communication with the Clubs and Players concerned occur automatically by return email, once the Permit Application had been approved (or denied). The COM encourages all clubs to review the post Xmas player eligibility and qualification rules and to lodge any permits that they may require to comply with these rules via the MyCricket Permit process.


A complete list of the 2014/15 season Permits has now been added to the BHRDCA Website under the Resources/Tribunals & Permits/Permit Approvals tab and it will be updated for currency as Permits are closed after 8.00 p.m. each Thursday between now and the end of the Home & Away season. Note also that the Permit process is required, where applicable, for the T20 Semi Finals and Grand Finals per Peter White’s advice to clubs earlier this week.


Any Club Official or Member will be able to review permits issued across the Association on the BHRDCA Website and they will include the rationale (where required) for either approval or denial as determined by the BHRDCA Permits Committee.


All inquiries should be addressed to Tom Anderson (Chairman BHRDCA Permits Committee) or Steve Flemming (BHRDCA Administration Manager).



Perhaps it was the changeover from the two day to a one day format, there were a couple of unexpected results in both grades that have resulted in a tightening of the race for finals spots. After a week of wet weather, we lucked out again with a fine and barmy evening.


Read the full report here…


U18 – Report 6

Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association
Round Nine 24 and 31 January 2015


Ray McIntosh Shield
Box Hill North Super Kings 1-49 v Blackburn South 194 (N.Weeraman 41)
East Burwood 206 (S.Bramstedt 79, N.Sopirawala 5-57) v Templestowe
St Davids 5-58 v East Box Hill 6-298dec (J.Schaw 85, D.Yze 66, S.Luby 65, P.Luby 41)
Forest Hill 2-103 v Koonung Heights 130 (R.McManus 5-14)
Vermont 198 v Heatherdale
Bulleen Templestowe 190 (J.Berry 51, M.Hale 45, R.CP.hancellor 6-46) v Blackburn


Howard Wilson Shield
Blackburn North v Wyclif 9-355cc (L.Clift 133, A.Maunder 99)
Glen Waverley Hawks 195 (T.Pai 78) v Doncaster 1-19
Laburnum d Syndal (forfeit)
Mitcham 9-281cc (S.Cann 67, A.Johnson 53, A.Hardy 45) v Kerrimuir United
Vermont South 269 (M.Bright 77, S.Staddon 65, L.Anthony 63) v Mulgrave Wheelers Hill


Dorothy McIntosh Shield
Blackburn 188 v Bulleen Templestowe 1-9
Yarraleen v Forest Hill 8-220cc (B.Buchanan 69, J.Van Zuyden 56, D,Chilcott 5-57)
Heatherdale 0-36 v Vermont 95
Deakin 8-345cc (M.McDonough 164, M.Iqbal 82, J.Walker 4-68) v East Burwood
Nunawading 1-61 v Manningham 134
Park Orchards 2-47 v Burwood District 129 (B.Killeen 65, D.De Vas Gunawardena 4-14, T.Matthews 4-43()


A Grade
Kerrimuir United 0-16 v Eley Park 215
Koonung Heights 7-240cc (M.Crooks 71, N.Parks 71) v Mitcham
Heatherdale 2-30 v Vermont South 156
Templestowe v Glen Waverley Hawks 8-363cc (A.Bromley 96*, G.Mahoney 74, A.Greaves 59)
East Box Hill 1-59 v St Davids 140 (P,Newman 81,P.Verechia 7-31)
Blackburn South 152 (D.Anderson 45) v Box Hill North Super Kings 4-65


B Grade
East Burwood 1-16 v Laburnum 142
Doncaster 105 v Forest Hill 3-157 (R.O’Shannassy 60*)
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill v Nunawading
Wyclif 226 (C.Davis 99, J.Toward 61, P.Roser 6-51) v Blackburn 1-12
Bye v Blackburn North


Round Eleven
C Grade
Nunawading 9-290dec (M.Parashis 59, B.Basnayake 44) v Templestowe 1-33
Box Hill North Super Kings 283 (H.Knight 88, S.Russell 73) v Vermont 0-8
Koonung Heights v East Box Hill 9-336cc (P.Milne 81, P.Collopy 59, J.Law 54)
Mitcham 1-13 v Heatherdale 229


Round Nine
D Grade
Glen Waverley Hawks 2-28 v Blackburn North 176
Bulleen Templestowe 0-8 v Blackburn South 118
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill v Mitcham 6-278cc (S.Tully 100ret, A.Cumming 57, P.Meagher 57)
Forest Hill 7-216cc (I.Wood 61, J.Bruce 41) v South Sharks
Kerrimuir United 0-1 v Yarraleen 152 (J.Dullard 42, N.Gunawardhana 40)


E Grade
Blackburn South 8-268cc (M.Miller 145*) v Wyclif
Blackburn v East Burwood 9-184cc (S.Kaul 42, L.Gibson 4-27)
Manningham 139 (B.McNammany 42) v Deakin
East Box Hill 134 v Vermont South 0-9
Doncaster 0-9 v Heatherdale 117


Round Eleven
F Grade
Vermont 6-170 v St Davids 5-140
Heatherdale 2-196 v Nunawading 2-175 (D.Payagala 103*)
Forest Hill d East Box Hill (forfeit)
Mitcham 4-192 (M.Niemiec 53ret, D.Dawborn 50ret, V.Tay 50ret) v Koonung Heights 138 (S.Judd 46*)


G Grade
Nunawading v Bye
Templestowe 6-149 v Heatherdale 2-168
Wyclif 62 (R.Kulkarni 5-18) v Forest Hill 2-95
Mitcham 4-95 v Koonung Heights 5-19 (A.Batten 65, C.Meehan 56)


Round Fifteen
One Day A Grade
Park Orchards 5-157 (English 57) d Burwood District 153
Melbourne Strikers v Box Hill North Super Kings
Eley Park 9-166cc (M.Contesso 52ret, Liyanage 4-30) d Nunawading 3-164 (G.Turner 55ret, R.Nurse 51ret(
Manningham 5-136 (S.Memon 49*) d East Box Hill 9-129cc (M.Qureshi 4-20)
Syndal v Bye
Vermont d Vermont South (forfeit)


One Day B Grade
Melbourne Falcons 1-147 d Manningham 8-144cc
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 187 (D.Jeffery 50ret, H.Smith 4-34) d Yarraleen 7-143cc (H.Smith 53ret)
St Davids 4-253 (J.Hardwick 64ret, S.Kennedy 56ret, M.Blanche 54ret) d Glen Waverley Hawks 6-240cc (N.Monga 50ret)
Kerrimuir United 5-168cc (Parsons 51*, Simmons 45) d Doncaster 82 (Ryan 4-26)
Park Orchards 216 d Bulleen Templestowe 110 (M.Cassidy 40, M.Stainkampf 4-23)


Round Eight
Under 18 – Maddocks’ Sport Shield
Forest Hill 9-216cc (B.Matthews 100*, A.Manning 57, L.Grierson 4-12) v Heatherdale
Eley Park 6-200cc v Vermont
Croydon Ranges v Vermont South
Bye v Heathmont


Under 18 – Rebel Sport Shield
Vermont 207 (S.Bell 35, B.Stoikos 31, M.Gale 6-28) v Mitcham/Blackburn
Doncaster v Yarraleen
Blackburn North v East Doncaster/East Burwood


Round Five 20 January 2015
Twenty20 Kookaburra Shield
Vermont 5-119 (R.Phillips 44, Mitch Scott 43) d Blackburn 9-118cc
East Box Hill 4-122 d Bulleen Templestowe 6-120cc (A.Tabaccheria 45*)
Kerrimuir United 7-144cc (Z.Carroll 59*, A.McKenzie 41) d Heatherdale 9-141cc


Twenty20 Rebel Sport Shield
Forest Hill 2-102 (N.Thornbury 49) d Box Hill North Super Kings 100
Koonung Heights 9-173cc (Z.Stone 4-22) d Blackburn South 8-170cc
Templestowe 6-169 (N.Sopariwala 61, A.Hone 51*) d Heathmont 9-165cc (J.Kelly 58)


Twenty20 Smash Gear Shield
Doncaster 3-116 (C.McLeod 47) d Nunawading 113 (B.Mendis 45)
Vermont South v Syndal
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 5-166cc (K.Arnold 63) d Mitcham 6-164cc (A.Cook 55*)


Twenty20 Cheeta Recovery Shield
Deakin 4-149cc (S.Warren 61) d Bulleen Templestowe 73
Heatherdale 5-152cc (A.Clarke 87) d Yarraleen 9-91cc
Laburnum 7-142cc (J.Keys 568) d St Davids 9-141cc (N.Enticott 61)


Twenty20 Maddocks Sports Shield
Manningham 4-116 d Heatherdale 9-112cc (J.Erman Snr 4-27)
Laburnum 7-135cc (T.Barton 42) d Yarraleen 8-107cc
Wyclif 6-179 L.Clift 66*, G.Clift 45) d Templestowe 57 (F.Coloe 5-5 including hat trick)


Report not received in time for Sunday papers RMS East Burwood v Templestowe.
Reports not received by 11.00am Sunday: B grade MWH v Nunawading, ODA Melbourne Strikers v BHNSK. U18M Croydon Ranges v Vermont South, U18R Doncaster v Yarraleen, Blackburn North v East Doncaster/East Burwood.
There were two late forfeits. HW Syndal forfeit to Laburnum; ODA Vermont South to Vermont. Syndal second eleven had a bye.
Also included the T20 scores from last Tuesday. No report has been lodged on MyCricket for Smash Gear grade Vermont South v Syndal. This match would decide semi-finalists in that grade.

BHRDCA win the VMCU U/12 Girls Fatone Shield for 2015.

Sunday 18 January, Chelsworth Park


Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association (BHRDCA) U12 girls captain, Lara Shannon (Templestowe CC) won the toss and elected to bowl.


Some tight fielding and great bowling, saw Ferntree Gully & District Cricket Association (FGDCA) contained to 4/23 after 8 overs. FTG then fought back, and were 5/94 after 17 overs.


The 18th over, bowled by Caitlin Morando (Kerrimuir CC) produced 4 wickets,
including two run outs, and FTG finished at 9/130cc.


Lara with 3/7, and Caitlin with 2/6, were clearly excellent, but the efforts of Ashling O’Farrell (Blackburn South CC), 1/8 and Vaishnavi Munukutla (Nunawading CC), 1/17 were quite significant.


Sisters, Brooke and Kate Vickers (both Blackburn CC), bowled some of the very important overs at the end of FTG’s innings and helped to keep the score to an achievable target.


Our batting was always steady, and never fell behind the required run rate. Ali Elliot (Blackburn CC) opened with Lara, and they set about reeling in the largest total we have chased all carnival.


After 8 overs we were 0/49, with the third batting pair of Vaishnavi and Sierra Maharaj (Nunawading CC) coming in to bat for the important middle overs. They may have only added 7 runs together, but most importantly, neither was dismissed. A great effort by our youngest two players. Some terrific lower order batting, especially from Hailey Ferris (Heatherdale CC), saw us reach 4/146cc, and post a memorable win.


To top this off, Caitlin was awarded the player of the final by umpires, Liam MacGibbon and Harry Sherrard.


We applaud the spirited efforts of the FTG girls, who took it right up to us, in a see-sawing match, that easily could have gone either way.


Many thanks to Darren Montgomery and Sonia Kulkarni for coaching this great team of girls.


Ross Chambers
BHRDCA Junior Section Manager



There were only a limited amount of spots in Wednesday night’s Cricket Australia session and these have now been filled. Please note if you have not been in contact with Emma and received further details you do not have a place.


Thank-you to all who got in contact. We hope you enjoy the night!

This coming Wednesday (21/01) Cricket Australia is holding an informal discussion with junior cricketers from around the State with regard to MyCricket, and they would like BHRDCA juniors to get involved.


If you are between 12-18, are familiar with and use MyCricket and would like to attend please let me know.


You will need to arrive at the Cricket Australia office in Jolimont by 5pm, with the session running 5:30pm until 6:30pm.


As a special thank-you you will also receive complimentary tickets to the Stars vs. Scorchers match at the ‘G’ afterwards.


Food & drinks provided.


Mum and Dad welcome also!


Please get Mum or Dad to contact Emma Boschetti via email or phone (0420 906 197)  by 12pm Tuesday if interested.

Great News!


The inaugural BHRDCA U12 Fatone girls team won their grand final yesterday!


Box Hill 4/101 + 45 bonus runs total 4/146 defeated Ferntree Gully 9/110 + 20 bonus runs total 9/130.


Congratulations girls on an outstanding performance, & many thanks to Darren and Sonia for their fantastic coaching.

Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association


Round Eight 18 January 2015
Ray McIntosh Shield

Vermont 5-218cc (B.Taylor 74*, B.Gibson 71, B.Cullen 48) d Blackburn 9-189cc (Mitch Scott 4-42)
Koonung Heights 6-219cc (J.Fenner 50) d St Davids 9-176cc (C.Hall 4-60)
Heatherdale 5-257cc (B.Toole 123*, W.De Kretser 68) d East Burwood 144
Templestowe 9-194cc (Z.Slattery 72, A.Hone 58*) d Bulleen Templestowe 176 (J.Scully 5-33, A.Hone 4-36)
Box Hill North Super Kings (K.Kavinda 85, R.Shanmugan 44, J.Schaw 5-53) d East Box Hill 189 (S.Luby 53, L.Parsonage 4-24)
Forest Hill5-227cc (J.Taun-Henderson 72, A.Taun-Henderson 40) d Blackburn South 9-173c (M.Clark 61)


Round Eight 17 January 2015
Howard Wilson Shield
Vermont South 4-203 (S.Guruge 77*, R.Hammerton 55*) d Kerrimuir United 6-199cc
Blackburn North 2-85 d Syndal 80 (M.Drysdale 5-19)
Mitcham 6-222 (M.Wheeler 65*, A.Hardy 41) d Doncaster 8-213cc (A.Sodhi 74, T.Waters 43)
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 4-165 (K.Arnold 86*) d Glen Waverley Hawks 161
Wyclif 9-210cc d Laburnum 141


Dorothy McIntosh Shield
Heatherdale 7-177cc (J.Bell 60, R.Kumar 42) d Burwood District 107 (J.North 4-16)
East Burwood 131 (M.Baysinger 40) d Park Orchards 81
Manningham 5-167 (M.Cenin 52*) d Blackburn 8-161cc (C.McKenzie 60)
Nunawading 4-136 (T.Batchelor 64*) d Forest Hill 133 (M.Boteju 5-23)
Deakin 4-258cc (S.Warren 75*, J.McDonough 47, C.Phyland 46, A.Rooks 40) d Vermont 100
Yarraleen 5-113 d Bulleen Templestowe 7-109cc


A Grade
Box Hill North Super Kings 8-188cc (H.George 107*) d Heatherdale 125
Glen Waverley Hawks 3-193cc (G.Mahoney 103*) d Blackburn South 86 (C.Edwards 45*, M.Briginshaw 7-21)
Kerrimuir United 6-197cc (S.Cairns 61*, C.Wyatt 52) d St Davids 111
East Box Hill 7-157 (S.King 46) d Mitcham 6-153cc
Templestowe 3-121 (A.Morrison 51) d Vermont South 6-118cc
Koonung Heights 5-260cc (G.Webb 94, K.Shaw 51*) d Eley Park 122 (P.Blight 5-24)


B Grade
Blackburn North v Wyclif
Blackburn 8-136cc (M.Gale 46) d East Burwood 119 (P.Roser 4-37)
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 132 (A.Srithara 46) d Laburnum 113 (M.Cutler 40, N.Thurgood 4-28)
Forest Hill v Bye
Doncaster 119 d Nunawading 112 (A.Buchanan 4-24)


Round Ten
C Grade
Vermont 7-225cc (J.White 97, M.Sevior 45, C.Wright 4-43) d Koonung Heights 173 (J.Alexandridis 48, C.Clemens 42, N.Hancock 4-16)
Templestowe 4-170 (M.Walters 52)d Box Hill North Super Kings 163 (S.Considine 4-36)
Heatherdale 3-117 d Nunawading 9-114cc
East Box Hill 6-175 (S.Tanner 57) d Mitcham 9-166cc (A.Thompson 70)


Round Eight
D Grade
Kerrimuir United 2-100 d Blackburn South 99
Yarraleen 2-120 (P.Boyes 43*) d Glen Waverley Hawks 5-118cc (M.Ratnayake 42)
Forest Hill 0-34 d Blackburn North 28 (Y.Aly 6-20, T.Greenwood 4-6)
Bulleen Templestowe 6-164 d Mitcham 5-159cc
South Sharks 9-238cc (B.Matthews 73*, S.Gordon 43, J.Winter 41) d Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 5-189cc (A.Lacey 46)


E Grade
Doncaster 7-95 d East Burwood 9-92cc (G.Cavallo 4-22)
Heatherdale 4-208cc (J.Toole 50*, M.Elliott 41) d Blackburn South 95
East Box Hill 6-150cc d Wyclif 115
Deakin 8-105 d Blackburn 8-101cc (S.Harte 43)
Vermont South 133 d Manningham 132 (M.Sweeney 52ret)


Round Ten
F Grade
Nunawading 7-231cc (P.Mitchell 51ret, D.Payagala 43*) d East Box Hill 6-138cc
Heatherdale 7-178cc (C.Box 50*, J.Howell 44) d St Davids 104 (T.Johns 4-13)
Vermont 5-178 d Koonung Heights 9-176cc (P.Rosenthal 63*, L.Strachan 4-36)
Mitcham 2-153 (G.Morgan 53*, M.Niemiec 43*, J.Tay 41) d Forest Hill 6-143cc


G Grade
Bye v Templestowe
Heatherdale 5-173 d Wyclif 170
Koonung Heights 4-188cc (A.Cannon 50ret, J.Meehan 50ret, T.McClusky 41) d Nunawading 8-145cc (K.Donohoe 4-18)
Forest Hill 8-129 (B.McCarthy 51*) d Mitcham 4-120cc (W.Hoare 50*)


Round Fourteen
One Day A Grade
Syndal 198 d Park Orchards 165 (A.Blueming 56*, B.Wagg 55, N.Adams 5-17)
Melbourne Strikers 172 (Ketan 49) d Nunawading 126 (Ketan 4-27)
Box Hill North Super Kings 8-266cc (K.Sithamparappillai 101*, M.Mohammed 50*) d Eley Park 169 (B.Mintern 52*)
Manningham 9-252cc d Vermont South 141
Bye v Burwood District
Vermont 3-130 (Patterson 55ret) d East Box Hill 125 (Pearson 5-26)


One Day B Grade
Manningham 122 d Glen Waverley Hawks 70 (J.Trakakis 4-29)
Park Orchards 7-157 (R.Sundarm 41) d Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 8-149cc (D.Jeffery 50ret, M.Minz 4-21)
Melbourne Falcons 7-262cc (V.Tanwar 50ret, S.Allamneni 40) d Yarraleen 136 (V.Mudireddy 4-11)
Kerrimuir United 4-110 (D.Phillips 41) d Bulleen Templestowe 105 (B.Parsons 4-19)
St Davids 9-172cc (D.Andrews 54ret, W.Learmonth 4-30) d Doncaster 9-144cc (K.Albiston 55)


Round Seven 16 January 2015
Under 18 – Maddocks’ Sport Shield
Croydon Ranges 3-152cc (M.Hendley 50*, W.Killen 49*) d Vermont 3-125cc (J.Morrison 55*, A.Hands 50*)
Heathmont 7-185cc (J.Merrett 50ret, S.Brown 43, N.Lane 3-27) d Forest Hill 6-83cc
Heatherdale v Bye
Eley Park 2-99 (A.Anderson 47*, Z.Tzitsikas 34) d Vermont South 5-83cc


Under 18 – Rebel Sport Shield
Yarraleen 4-115 (A.Vidajic 52) d Blackburn North 103 (A,Vidajic 3-10, J.Dullard 3-21)
Vermont v Bye
EBH/BHNSK 5-123cc (G.Carusi 46*) d Mitcham/Blackburn 9-104cc
East Doncaster/East Burwood 5-129cc (M.Baysinger 49, J,Exlry 34) d Doncaster 9-89cc (D.McNeil 4-23)

Our three U18 regional team partners, (Emus, Eagles and Scorpions) were unable to qualify for finals this past week. On Monday, the U16 and U14 teams begin their campaigns.

In the U15 Craig Shield, Box Hill have taken 2nd. Spot in their group by less than 0.05%, to move into finals. They play Brighton on Tuesday at Box Hill City Oval

Balwyn will play Yarraville at Balwyn park, having finished top of their group. Unfortunately, Kew have finished last in the same group, and will not play finals.

Our U18 team finished third with 3 wins and 2 losses. No opportunity to progress as there are no semi finals.

The U16 Beitzel turf team won two of five matches, losing the last match by only two runs to the overall top team.

The U16 Mackay, not only finished eighth to play a quarter final, they then beat the top side, and then had a fantastic semi final, losing to MPCA.

The U14 Allen team lost a very tight home quarter final, while the U14 Nolan team was washed out in their quarter final, and could not proceed as they were the away team

The U12 Mitchell team finished without a win, but managed to avoid last place by percentage.

The U12 Browne team, played two quarter finals, both washed out draws, going through to the semi as the home team. They lost a close semi to NMCA, to be our best performed boys team overall.

This leaves our U12 girls team to play their grand final today at Chelsworth park, Irvine road, Ivanhoe. The match starts at 10 am and should conclude at about 1.30pm.


It would be fantastic if we can get some BHRDCA support for these young ladies today, as I am sure our opponents from FTCDCA will have plenty of supporters too.

Hope to see you there…



Kind regards
Ross Chambers
Junior Competition Manager, BHRDCA
M: 0432 660 951

On Sunday 4th January Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Assn welcomed in the new year in hosting a visiting touring school team from Timaru New Zealand at East Burwood Reserve.


Under overcast skies the visitors won the toss and elected to bat. Despite some lively pace from Box Hill’s Dean Wilding and Jed Dally the score rose steadily reaching a handy 34 before Wilding got one to nip back rattling opener Shaun Rooney’s stumps for 23.


The Kiwi top order again began to consolidate but the introduction of Matt Magee and Grant Weaver had immediate effect with Magee in particular having the batsmen in all sorts of trouble and the middle order collapse left the visitors in trouble at 6/76.


Any thoughts of a revival were quickly expelled by Sam Kimber and Ronan Prigg as they cleaned up the tail restricting Timaru to 111 all out. Magee 3/11 and Kimber 2/5 returned the best figures but all bowlers did a great job.


After an enormous afternoon tea Janit Ratnayake and Zach Tziskas began Box Hill’s run chase. Both openers got a start before falling victim to Timaru’s Josh Mehrtens who chimed in with a third victim trapping Ronan Prigg in front to have the home team struggling at 3/30.


This brought skipper Michael Baysinger and Justin Beach together and it was their quickfire 70 run partnership that put the game out of doubt Michael retiring on 49 and Justin on 25 steering Box Hill through to an excellent win.


Josh Mehertens for Timaru and Michael Baysinger for Box Hill were adjudged Players of the Match.


Peter White
BHRDCA Secretary



Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association
Round Seven / 10 January 2015


Ray McIntosh Shield
Blackburn 0-84 d St Davids 83 (R.Chancellor 5-24)
Bulleen Templestowe 2-68 d Koonung Heights 66
Box Hill North Super Kings 9-159cc d Heatherdale 128
Vermont 7-229cc d Templestowe 152 (R.Kavinga 43)
East Box Hill 8-132 d Forest Hill 9-131cc (R.McManus 58*)
Blackburn South 136 (N.Weeraman 60, M.Jones 6-43) d East Burwood 117 (N.Weeraman 4-25)


Howard Wilson Shield
Doncaster 8-177 (S.Noble 50) d Blackburn North 5-176cc (B.Davis 94*)
Glen Waverley Hawks 5-147 d Kerrimuir United 145
Laburnum 4-154 (R.Theunissen 55*, B.Leed 53) d Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 7-152cc (K.Arnold 60)
Wyclif 6-217 (A.Maunder 98*, L.Clift 47) d Mitcham 4-213cc (A.Hardy 68*, M.Wheeler 45*)
Vermont South 160 (M.Bright 42, D.Mealings 5-40) d Syndal 42


Dorothy McIntosh Shield
Nunawading 9-185cc (M.West 42,B.Killeen 6-22) d Burwood District 125 (R.S.Multani 65)
East Burwood 7-159cc (C.May 43) d Heatherdale 81
Yarraleen 3-88 (C.Sexton 52*) d Manningham 85
Park Orchards 174 (S.Carroll 55, S.Thomas 4-20) d Forest Hill 127 (J.Price-Inglis 5-21)
Blackburn 5-91 (C.Bell 4-31) d Vermont 87 (S.Atkins 5-24)
Deakin 8-148cc d Bulleen Templestowe 9-73cc


A Grade
Box Hill North Super Kings 4-99 (N.Jeewantha 54) d East Box Hill 7-98cc
Heatherdale 7-153cc d Glen Waverley Hawks 5-148cc
Koonung Heights 5-68 d St Davids 63 (T.Patrao 4-12)
Mitcham 4-239cc (S.Holliday 65, M.Bird 44) d Blackburn South 188 (B.Ross 5-54)
Vermont South 8-123 (R.Hedrick 51) d Kerrimuir United 114 (K.Evans 4-24)
Templestowe 4-99 (J.Tsiotinas 56*) d Eley Park 92


B Grade
Blackburn North v Mulgrave Wheelers Hill
Doncaster 155 (M.Neubecker 40, J.Taylor 4-34) d Blackburn 63 (J.Irish 5-16)
Laburnum v Bye
Forest Hill 3-119 d Wyclif 112 (B.Beaton 5-35, M.Ward 4-34)
Nunawading 2-46 d East Burwood 42 (Z.Dunlop 5-14, P.Pathirage 4-5)


Round Nine
C Grade
Vermont drew with Box Hill North Super Kings (washout)
Nunawading 4-144cc d Templestowe 7-140cc
Heatherdale 4-144 d Mitcham 141
Koonung Heights 3-184cc (J.Barry 65, S.Brookes 58) d East Box Hill 7-161cc (J.Law 44*)


Round Seven
D Grade
Forest Hill 3-143 (Swale 74*) d Blackburn South 132
Yarraleen 4-96 d Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 92
Bulleen Templestowe 1-93 d Blackburn North 79
Kerrimuir United 0-81 d Mitcham 77
South Sharks 3-167 (S.Gordon 50ret) d Glen Waverley Hawks 156 (B.Matthews 5-22)


E Grade
East Box Hill 9-129cc d East Burwood 100
Heatherdale 8-96cc d Manningham 81
Blackburn 1-75 d Wyclif 74
Deakin 3-129 (S.Armstrong 50*) d Doncaster 114
Vermont South 3-86 d Blackburn South 85 (D.Symes 5-12)


Round Nine
F Grade
Heatherdale 6-210cc (J.Howell 50ret, L.Johns 50ret, C.Evans 40) d Nunawading 106 (L.Johns 4-19)
Vermont 4-120 (D.C.Croft 51*) d St Davids 115
Mitcham 4-192cc (M.Niemiec 53ret, D.Dawborn 50ret, V.Tay 50ret) d Koonung Heights 8-138cc (S.Judd 46*)
Forest Hill d East Box Hill (forfeit)

G Grade
Bye v Nunawading
Templestowe 6-196 d Heatherdale 3-193cc
Mitcham 2-101 d Koonung Heights 95 (R.Pal 4-3)
Wyclif 8-169 (D.Coulter 51*) d Forest Hill 9-164cc (S.Rae 49)


Round Thirteen
One Day A Grade
Nunawading 3-134 (G.Turner 50ret) d Vermont South 128
Box Hill North Super Kings 5-116 (R.Sithamparanathan 52*) d East Box Hill 109
Bye v Eley Park
Manningham 126 d Syndal 9-123cc
Vermont 3-91 d Burwood District 89 (M.Pearson 5-11)
Park Orchards 6-120 d Melbourne Strikers 116 (M.Tucker 4-47)


One Day B Grade
Melbourne Falcons 5-145 d St Davids 136 (S.Poosaria 5-25)
Glen Waverley Hawks drew with Park Orchards (washout)
Bulleen Templestowe 8-138cc d Yarraleen 8-105cc
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 9-149cc d Kerrimuir United 119
Doncaster d Manningham (forfeit)



Scores not received: RMS KH v BT and DMS BD v Nunawading not received in time for Sunday papers.
BD was texted at 11.41pm, and KH scores were not on MyCricket until Sunday morning.
Only score not received by Sunday morning was B grade BN v MWH.
There were only two games washed out- C grade Vermont v BHNSK and ODB GWH v PO.
There was a late forfeit by EBH in F grade.

BHRDCA U/12 Girls are first team into a 2015 VMCU carnival Grand Final.


Having won all three of their round robin matches, our U12 girls team, was to play a semi final on 9/01/15. It was washed out, and while the other semi final was still in progress, across the other side of Melbourne, our team progressed to the final, as the higher finishing team.


Therefore we I think we can (cheekily) claim we had the first team into a grand final for the 2015 carnival.


While our inaugural girls representative team has had un-defeated progress to the grand final, our other seven teams have had mixed results.


The U/18 team has won 2, lost 1 and are 2nd on ladder with today’s match v ECA probably deciding who will progress to the grand final (no semi final in this grade).


The U/16 Beitzel turf team, has dropped its last two matches after starting with a win in a run fest (400 runs in the day off 90 overs), and are needing to win today and tomorrow to make the semi finals.


The U/16 Mackay team has struggled early and lost first three matches, but won a thriller by one run on Friday, to not only get off the bottom of the ladder, but give themselves a shot at a quarter final place.


The U/14 Allen team started with a narrow loss to arch rival ECA, but have turned it around with two wins, and a good chance of a home quarter final.


The U/14 Nolan team started in a blaze, winning the first two matches, but have come back to earth with a loss, but still in the top four, and a good chance of a home quarter final.


The U/12 Mitchell team has yet to register a win, but has been competitive in every match. A win today will see them back in the hunt.


The U/12 Browne team has won 2 , drawn 1, and lost 1, to be top 4. A win today should confirm a home quarter final on Tuesday.


This time last year we were trying to keep cool in the middle of days after days of 40 degrees plus weather, and no play. This week much cooler conditions and some rain about to annoy us all.


Today should be fine and warm as all the boys teams are in action. Get along to a match today if you can, and fly the BHRDCA flag!


U/18’s away v ECA at Donvale Reserve #1 turf wicket (Donvale cricket Club)
U/16 Beitzel, home v FTGDCA at Springfield park turf wicket (next to Kerrimuir CC)
U/16 Mackay, away v MPCA at Bruce park, Frankston
U/14 Allen, home v NWMCA at East Burwood #1
U/14 Nolan, home v WRJCA at East Burwood #2
U/12 Mitchell, home v NWMCA at Heatherdale #1
U/12 Browne, home v ECA at Heatherdale #2


We also had many of our U/15 boys are playing in the Craig Shield completion for a variety of Sub district clubs, which started last Tuesday.


Of those, several are at Kew CC, who has had a slow start; and a strong representation at Box Hill CC, who are so far un-defeated, including a great win against Oakleigh, yesterday at Springfield park.



Many players are involved in Emus, Eagles and Scorpions U/14 to U/18 regional teams.
Yesterday the u18 Emus and U18 Scorpions both lost, but the u18 eagles had a great win, with Lincoln Wong of Heathmont CC getting amongst the runs.


Good Luck to all teams!


Ross Chambers
Junior Competition Manager, BHRDCA
M: 0432 660 951

Forecast today is for light intermittent rain, therefore the CoM have resolved that play will be determined on a case by case basis with umpires or captains call as appropriate.


All the best to teams.


Peter White

Please note: Association call on weather & play will be made by 10:30am Saturday via text message to Club Secretary and notification on the BHRDCA website.





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U18 Arnold shield, BHRDCA v NWMCA, Round 3 to be played at City oval, Box Hill 8/01/2015.

BHRDCA wish to advise that due to the centre wicket at City Oval, Box Hill, being drenched today by rain, before the covers could be put in place (and washing out the u15 match in progress), it has been decided to make a call to move this match to a synthetic wicket instead. This is also due to the fact that city oval will remain uncovered overnight, and more rain is forecast.


So details of new venue are :

East Burwood Reserve south, Burwood highway, East Burwood. Map 62 B7.


BHRDCA will provide all player drinks and lunch for both teams and officials, as we would have done at city oval.


We apologies that this match cannot take place on a turf wicket..I know our team were really looking forward to playing on the best turf facilities in the City of Whitehorse.



Ross Chambers
Junior Competition Manager, BHRDCA
M: 0432 660 951


BHRDCA U/12 girls posted their first win today! The team made 4/180 on reply to Western Region 9/68.


Scores will be adjusted for loss of wickets by adding 45 runs to our score and 29 runs to their score.


Congratulations girls. You all played as a team, and fielded and bowled brilliantly


Thank you to Darren and Sonia for great coaching. See you tomorrow same ground and start time to play Diamond Valley.


Ross Chambers
Junior Competition Manager, BHRDCA

Monday Jan 5 sees our junior sides start their VMCU carnivals. This year we have a record number of sides including the u/18’s for the first time and a girls u/12 side also competing for the first time. There are two sides in each of the 12, 14, and 16 age groups with our u/16 Beitzel Shield side the defending champions having won this for the first time last season.

Attached are the games and grounds for those who want to watch the best of our juniors over the next 10+ days and our U/12 Fatone Shield team. The teams progress can also be followed on My Cricket using the Rep/Carnival teams tab.



Good luck to all the boys, girls and coaches representing the association and the umpires selected to officiate. Last year BHRDCA had 3 umpires stand in grand finals.






U/12 Fatone Shield (Girls) Team

Alexandra Elliot
Hailey Ferris
Sierra Maharaj
Caitlin Morando
Vaishnavi Munukulta
Ashling O’Farrell
Lara Shannon
Brooke Vickers
Kate Vickers



20.12.2014 VMCU Carnival Draw 2015

A special reminder to all rep team players, the 2015 Cap Presentation starts at midday at East Burwood this Sunday 4 January.


Players / parents are also reminded to bring $70.00 cash or cheque, payable to: Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association, or they can pay by money transfer to:


Account name : BHRDCA
BSB: 033-005
Account : 180742


If paying in this method please ensure you add a reference …eg U14NolanCoates (ie Team age group, team name, your family name)


Looking forward to seeing you all there & a successful carnival ahead!

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ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

The Volunteer Of The Month Is:

OCTOBER: Graham Holinger (Kerrimuir CC)
NOVEMBER: David Elliott (Laburnum CC)
DECEMBER: Robert Nash – Nunawading CC
JANUARY: Simon Meade (Vermont South CC)
FEBRUARY: Luke Gibson (Blackburn CC)
MARCH: Joint winners - Ken Calder (Glen Waverley Hawks CC) & Steve Judd (Koonung Heights CC)