Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association
Round Three 1 and 8 November 2014


Ray McIntosh Shield
Blackburn v Templestowe 5-175
East Burwood 2-71 v St Davids 68 (R.Pryde 5-23)
Heatherdale 183 v Koonung Heights 0-25
Forest Hill 4-193 (A.Taun-Henderson 56, B.Johnston 43, C.Erasmus 40) v Box Hill North Super Kings
East Box Hill 7-266cc (D. Yze 103*, J.Schaw 42, ) v Blackburn South
Bulleen Templestowe 1-9 v Vermont 150 (Arnold 5-18)


Howard Wilson Shield
Kerrimuir United 8-268cc (J.Wise 105*, R.Hillas 83, Allen 4-54) v Mulgrave Wheelers Hill
Glen Waverley Hawks 5-230 v Laburnum
Doncaster 327 (S.Noble 145, M.Albiston 84) v Syndal
Mitcham 2-117 v Blackburn North
Wyclif 89 v Vermont South 2-76


Dorothy McIntosh Shield
Burwood District 94 (C.Shreshna 44, P.Jones 6-46) v Forest Hill 6-54
Yarraleen 3-7 v Heatherdale 166 (S.Amgemi 5-38)
Manningham 1-23 v East Burwood 198 (Jennings 6-65)
Deakin v Blackburn 9-123
Vermont v Bulleen Templestowe 1-42
Park Orchards v Nunawading 231 (B.Mendis 85, J.Price-Inglis 4-37, T. Matthews 4-86)


A Grade
Box Hill North Super Kings v Mitcham 7-300cc (H.Baker 128*, M.Bird 44, S.Leslie 43. A.Xavier 4-55)
Koonung Heights v Heatherdale 225 (N.Rodwell 72, S.Heron 40*)
St Davids v Glen Waverley Hawks 9-259cc (Boddupalli 59,M.Mahoney 56, M.Brennan 45, P.Nowak 4-64)
Templestowe 3-10 v Kerrimuir United 161
Vermont South 9-242cc (R.Prigg 60, D.Meachan 43*) v Eley Park
Blackburn South v East Box Hill 7-304 (A.Harrison 72, S.Bhat 55, S.Field 4-69)


B Grade
Blackburn North 70 (J.Manning 4-33 and 0-1 v Forest Hill 144
Laburnum v Blackburn 183 (J.Taylor 56)
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 7-357 (P.McCulloch 71, B.Etherton 59*) v East Burwood
Nunawading 274 (T.De Mel 102, S.Walker 4-70) v Wyclif 1-26
Bye v Doncaster


Round Four C Grade 1 November 2014
Vermont 1-100 (Sevior 53*) d Templestowe 96 (Riddle 4-19)
Box Hill North Super Kings 9-161cc (J.Phillips 40) d Koonung Heights 9-148cc
East Box Hill 5-136 d Heatherdale 130
Mitcham 7-148 d Nunawading 9-144cc


Round Three
D Grade
Blackburn South 158 (D.Bryden 58) v Mitcham
Bulleen Templestowe 7-286cc (Billington 101ret, Fulton 83) v Mulgrave Wheelers Hill
Blackburn North v Yarraleen
Forest Hill 4-25 v Glen Waverley Hawks 186 (C.Hocart 50*, G.McCormick 40)
South Sharks v Kerrimuir United (to play 8 November)


E Grade
Deakin d East Burwood (forfeit)
Blackburn v Manningham (to play 8 November)
Wyclif 132 v Heatherdale 5-77
East Box Hill d Blackburn South (forfeit)
Vermont South 117(L.Newton 51*) v Doncaster 1-14


Round Four
F Grade
Nunawading 9-94cc (M.Woollard 5-21) d St Davids 6-92cc (M.Clark 4-18)
Heatherdale 4-239cc d East Box Hill 105
Forest Hill 4-98 d Koonung Heights 93
Mitcham 6-103cc d Vermont 8-94cc


G Grade
Heatherdale v Bye
Templestowe 9-122cc d Wyclif 96
Nunawading 2-139 d Mitcham 4-135cc
Koonung Heights v Forest Hill


Round Three
Under 18 – Maddocks Sport Shield
Vermont 214 (H.McNally 8, C.Reid 51, Wilding 6-53) v Vermont South
Eley Park v Croydon Ranges
Heathmont 0-4 v Heatherdale 164 (M.Downes 35, R.Arguello 31)
Bye v Forest Hill

Under 18 – Rebel Sport Shield
Yarraleen 101 v East Doncaster
Doncaster v Blackburn North
EBH/BHNSK 6-225cc (P.Collopy 71, B.McIldowney 52, G.Carusi 37, V.Visan 32)v Vermont
Bye v Mitcham/Blackburn


Under 16 Sat A Grade – Ron Hennessey Shield
Blackburn v Heathmont
Vermont v Blackburn North (to play 8 November)
Eley Park v Heatherdale
Mitcham 7-161cc (L.Hunt 57, D.Frost 34) v Forest Hill


Under 16 Sat B Grade
Forest Hill v St Davids
Heatherdale v Bye
Blackburn South / Monash 157 (P.Panayotides 51) v Vermont 0-3
Yarraleen v Blackburn (to play 8 November)


Under 14 Fri A Grade
Forest Hill 131 (N,Stelling 43*, R.Welsh 40, J.Curry 4-2) v Heatherdale Blue
Heatherdale White v Glen Waverley Hawks 8-183cc (M.Kohne 63ret, A.Tellis 60ret, W.Handley 4-24)
Blackburn v Bye
Nunawading 2-212cc (D.Cowell 60ret, C.Clark 58ret, A.Munukutta 50ret)v East Doncaster


Under 14 Fri B Grade
Donvale 1-100 (K.Gill 48*, J.Murphy 34*) v Nunawading 4-77
Park Orchards Black 4-21 v Blackburn Black 0-115
Glen Waverley Hawks 2-112 v St Davids 5-91 (J.Miller 33)
Blackburn Red 1-81(J.Glare 30) v Park Orchards Red 2-52


U14 Sat A Grade
Bulleen Templestowe v Laburnum
Heatherdale v East Burwood
Yarraleen / BHNSK v Vermont (to play 8 November)
Heathmont 9-145cc (K.Hubber 3-16)v Blackburn


Under 14 Sat B Grade
Forest Hill v Mitcham
Blackburn Sth McRedmond 5-66 v Blackburn Sth Stone/Kent 1-88 (N.Kinsella 39ret)
Kerrimuir United 3-88 (D.Horvat 42) v Vermont 2-59
Laburnum v Doncaster / Mitcham (to play 8 November)
East Doncaster v Monash
Blackburn 2-86 (J.Bardwell 38*) v Vermont South 1-43


Under 12 Fri A Grade
Glen Waverley Hawks 2-61 (V.Shah 37*) v Blackburn 7-84 (I.Merchant 43*)
Mitcham 1-96 (J.Ross 42*) v Blackburn South 3-88
Surrey Hills v Templestowe
Heatherdale 7-70 v Forest Hill 1-84


Under 12 Fri B Grade
St Davids 2-53 v Heathmont 2-41
Nunawading v Heatherdale
Blackburn Red 5-101 v Blackburn Black 6-54 (N.Quinlan 3-9)
Surrey Hills v Park Orchards


Under 12 Fri C Grade (Gold)
Forest Hill 2-75 v Vermont 1-92
Heatherdale 1-129 (J.Coghlan 30ret, L.Shanks 30ret) v Nunawading 2-55
Bulleen Templestowe 3-77 v Blackburn South 3-61
Vermont South 3-63 v Glen Waverley Hawks 3-82
Donvale v Bye


Under 12 Fri C Grade (Blue)
East Doncaster v Blackburn
Laburnum 4-71 v Bulleen Templestowe 4-58
EBH / GW Hawks 3-107 (J.Bethune 31ret) v Doncaster 3-74
Mitcham 3-41 v Park Orchards 1-117 (E.Levi 30ret)
St Davids 6-75 v Surrey Hills 5-79


Under 12 Sat A Grade
Blackburn v Vermont
Laburnum 3-98 v Heatherdale 2-113
Blackburn North v Kerrimuir United


Under 12 Sat B Grade
Mitcham v Blackburn Black (to play 8 November)
Laburnum v Bulleen Templestowe
Manningham v Yarraleen (to play 8 November)
Vermont v Box Hill North Super Kings (to play 8 November)
Blackburn North 8-65 v Templestowe 3-84
Kerrimuir United v Bye



DM Shield Deakin v Blackburn , Park Orchards v Nunawading not received in time for Sunday papers.

There were two forfeits, both in E grade. East Burwood to Deakin and Blackburn South to East Box Hill.

In most cases of scores not received, it is possible that there was no play. MyCricket does not appear to have a mechanism for recording first day washouts. There should have been no washouts on Friday.

Scores not received

D Grade Blackburn North v Yarraleen
G Grade Koonung Heights v Forest Hill

U18M Eley Park v Croydon Ranges
U18R Doncaster v Blackburn North

U16A Blackburn v Heathmont, Eley Park v Heatherdale
U16B Forest Hill v St Davids

U14AS Bulleen Templestowe v Laburnum, Heathmont v East Burwood
U14BS Forest Hill v Mitcham, East Doncaster v Monash

U12AF Surrey Hills v Templestowe
U12BF Nunawading v Heatherdale, Surrey Hills v Park Orchards
U12CFB East Doncaster v Blackburn
U12AS Blackburn v Vermont, Blackburn North v Kerrimuir United
U12BS Laburnum v Bulleen Templestowe.

Sorry there was one small, but very crucial typo in the first distribution of below…

For Sat am split innings matches, Team A will cease their innings at 10.05am, not 9.05 am.

Amended below


To all BHRDCA Junior Co-ordinators, please ensure the following is passed on to relevant team manages. In fact it is advised to ensure all team managers have a copy at their matches


Re- Urgent changes to Junior grades playing 2-day matches under split innings rules, as decided by the Junior Executive Meeting on 30/10/2014. This supersedes all other rules and summaries regarding which grades observe split innings rules.


This is to inform you that All Two-day Under 12 Grades (Friday & Saturday, including A grade), and Under 14B (Friday & Saturday) competitions ARE TO BE played as per Split Innings Match Rules.



  • The Matches are to be played per the BHRDCA Junior Rules for Split innings. Friday matches are still 44 Overs per day, with the first batting team (team A) to cease their innings by the earlier of 22 Overs or by 6:20 (regardless of how many overs have been bowled), with a maximum break for 5 – 10 minutes, after which the second batting team (team B) should receive the same number of overs as Team A did, finishing by 7.50 p.m. This format is to be followed on both day 1 and day 2.
  • For Saturday morning, split innings matches are 50 overs per day, with the first batting team (team A) to cease their innings by the earlier of 25 Overs or by 10.05 am (regardless of how many overs have been bowled), with a maximum break for 5 – 10 minutes after which the second batting team (team B) should receive the same number of overs as Team A did, finishing by 11.50 a.m. This format is to be followed on both day 1 and day 2.
  • The Split Innings format provides both teams, with an equal opportunity in Friday two day matches, to complete a component of their batting and bowling in early daylight, and in late daylight so that the matches are played under the same conditions (where they can be) each week. The break between innings is not to be used for a major meal break. Both teams are to have a quick drink and (some food if desired, and team mangers should get the game going again ASAP. This is especially important during the months of October and November. Note, day 2 of Friday matches can go to 8pm, to ensure a result, but only if daylight permits.
  • For Saturday matches these rules should help to ensure the first innings each day is ceased in a timely manner, and that should ensure that the second innings can be completed well before midday. Note day 2 of split innings matches can still go to midday, if a result is imminent.
  • However, Except where the Rules allow, if a result cannot be achieved within the timeframe specified, the match result will be a draw. Team managers are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure scorebooks are correct at stumps each day, and their opposition manager has signed their book.
  • Another small change to help ensure matches are completed on time: in All U14 B grade matches (Friday and Saturday) bowlers are to bowl a maximum of 8 ball overs, which along with Friday matches, bowling 5 over spells from one end will help to ensure matches are completed on time.



In all circumstances Team Managers and Coaches should communicate and exercise their common-sense to ensure that Junior boys and girls enjoy their cricket and play the game in the spirit in which they can all enjoy participating.
Apologies for these late changes, but we are sure that all will agree that it is for the benefit of the junior players.


Kind Regards,

Ross Chambers
Junior Competition Manager, BHRDCA
M: 0432 660 951

Welcome to Season 2014/15


This season sees the U18 competition split into two Championships one sponsored as last season by Anthony and the crew at Maddocks Sports, and the other by a welcome new sponsor in Rebel.


Whilst these are separate competitions playing for two flags, umpires votes will again decide who will emerge as this seasons Doug Rickarby Medalist as the Associations U18 Player of the Season.


Thank you to Anthony and Corey for their support and we call on all players, families and friends to continue to support both these great organisations and encourage others to do so.

Read the full wrap-up of Round 1 here…




This just in!


Teams for the season launch T20 at East Burwood have been announced;
The game starts at 5:45pm this coming Tuesday!


Ray McIntosh Shield:

Sean Bramstedt (EBCC)
Sean de Kretser (HCC) C
Clint Proctor (KHCC)
Jarryd Taun-Henderson (FHCC)
Aaron Taun-Henderson (FHCC)
Stephen Voerman (BSCC)
Robbie Chancellor (BCC)
Andrew Hone (TCC)
Luke Costa (TCC)
Chris Bell (VCC)
Shane Luby (EBHCC)
Malith Chathuranga (HCC)


Wilson Shield

Matt Stella (wk) KUCC
Trav Balaam MWHCC
Sam Noble DCC
Jordan Wise © KUCC
Luke Galle GWCC
Apura Sarve GWCC
Nathan Mill BNCC
Greg Clift WCC
Adam Johnson MCC
Ash Keys LCC
Ross Henderson LCC
Matt Bright VSCC


Who is your money on!?



Next Tuesday 28 October, the season launch of our 125th year will take place at East Burwood CC. Some of the activities included are:


> Milo T20 Blast from 430pm run by Cricket Australia and SEDA students. Starman will be appearing, music and hype that accompanies the T20 game and free sausage and drink for the participating boys and girls – does you club have a side entered?
> T20 game between a selected McIntosh Shield side and a selected Wilson Shield side from 545pm. Sean de Krester and Jordan Wise leading these sides. Former Test player and current Victorian selector Ray Bright will coach one side and Kelly Applebee, current Vic Spirit star and current AFLPA multicultural manager, will coach the other side.
> Cricket World Cup count down clock will be live at the ground.
> Cricket4Kids will have a presence collecting used cricket equipment to provide to developing cricket nations and the under privileged. Please bring any equipment your club, or you, no longer need.
> BHRDCA sponsors in Rebel and My Club First will be in attendance and available to speak to clubs.


We look forward to all clubs supporting this one off event as we launch our 125th year.





Committee of Management



All Junior Friday and Saturday fixtures are now posted live on MyCricket.


There are a number of ground clashes which we are working through which we will have resolved well prior to Christmas.


Please notify the Junior Section Manager, Ross Chambers, via email if you have any concerns with your Club’s fixture.




Stephen Flemming

BHRDCA Administration Manager

Koonung Heights CC wishes to advise that Michael Schokman passed away on Saturday 4 October evening.


Since debuting in 1966/67, Michael in some capacity has been a friend, father figure, team mate, mentor, coach, and/or captain to all at Greythorn Park. Michael played 300 games, is the club leading wicket taker, 6 time premiership player, life member and father figure of our club.


Once Michael retired from playing he joined the umpires where he spent 10+ years and was awarded life membership.


The Nungers would not be where they are today without the contribution of Michael. The man was Koonung Heights Cricket Club and for that we will always be indebted.


A Thanksgiving Service for the life of Michael will be held in St Peter’s Anglican Church, 1038 Whitehorse Road Box Hill on Thursday October 16th 2014 commencing at 2.30pm.


Parking available at Centro Shopping Centre.


In lieu of flowers, donations in Michael’s memory to the Cancer Council of Victoria would be appreciated.


Upon conclusion of the funeral, the doors will be opened back at Greythorn Park where an opportunity will arise to share a story or 2 over a glass of red.


Koonung Heights CC

The grading committee recognises the lateness of the junior and 1 day grade draws. We have had changes and team withdrawals still coming through today to deal with & as such emails are being dispatched tonight and tomorrow morning to Club’s with 1st round fixtures attached.


U/18 Friday night competition has been deferred a week and will commence next Friday night (17/10)


1 Day grade rd 1 & 2 draw attached


Thank-you for your patience and understanding.





Great news! You can now deal directly with Cricket Australia if you are looking to get along to the international cricket as a group.


By booking as a group Cricket Australia are able to offer tickets at reduced prices, the ability to allocate seating together as well as a dedicated contact to give assistance throughout the process. Attached is a document that outlines the ticket options and pricing available for groups. The minimum order is for 10 tickets and this can encompass multiple games and ticket types if required. A postage & handing fee of $19.95 applies to the booking.


There is also a table below outlining the booking deadlines for group for each of the fixtures.


If anyone has any questions or would like further information please contact John Goodson, Group Ticketing Sales Rep – Vic on 0428 409 495 or via email



Groups Ticket Pricing – Melbourne




Groups Ticket Pricing - Melbourne

Rule’s 11 & 16 in the Rule Book identifies the club responsibilities after each match day with respect to Scores.


This process has also been reiterated at the Delegates Meetings, and there are four possible ways to get the Scores in per agreement between the Score taker; Mike Dwyer, and the Committee of Management.


The ‘Score Phone Service’ contact is Mike Dwyer and his number is 0407 585 704 and scores can be sent as Text only (no calls) to this mobile, phoned to the Recorded Message Line number 9877 4438, emailed to him directly at, or finally uploaded immediately onto MyCricket (Mike has access and checks MyCricket records as a component of the score service) and any of the above will suffice.


Batting performances of 40 or more and bowling performances of 4/ or better should also be recorded along with the individuals name.


The timeframes are as follows – Ray McIntosh, Howard Wilson and Dorothy McIntosh Shield Grades by 7.00 p.m. and all other Grades by 8.00 p.m. after each match day has completed.

Please find attached a copy of the Senior and Junior Rules for this coming season. These documents will also posted on the BHRDCA website under the Resources / Rules & Regulations TAB should you need to refer to them at a later date.


For your information the Senior Rules incorporate the PPS, and more recent addition of the 12th Interchange Player [Rule 10(e) 12 Players per Team]


We suggest you print a copy of the relevant rules for each team and utilise the pocket in the scorebook to store them for future reference.


Should you have any feedback or queries please contact BHRDCA Admin Manager, Steve Flemming on 0420 904 467 or via email at


All the best for the season ahead.







Manningham 1st & 2nd XI’s are using Rieschieck’s Reserve #1 Oval (for this season known as iHomes Real Estate Park), while their 3rd & 4th XI’s are using Rieschieck’s Reserve #2 Oval (Melway Ref. M33 J10)

Wyclif 1st & 2nd XI’s are using Highfield Park Lower, while their 3rd & 4th XI’s are using Highfield Park Upper (Melway Ref. M13 K9).

Just a quick reminder to all clubs commencing their season on Saturday 4th October, all matches will commence 1/2 hour early as per our Daylight Saving policy.




80 over games commence at 12:30pm
64 over games commence at 1.00pm



The annual pre-season Captains and Umpires Meeting will take place at Bulleen-Templestowe Clubrooms.


Date: Wednesday 1st October, 2014.


Time: 7:30pm


This is an important meeting for all clubs to ensure they are represented at.


Thank-you. BHRDCA CoM

As discussed at Tuesday’s delegates meeting please find attached a list of Rebel stores paired with BHRDCA clubs (underneath them) showing who their point of contact is from Rebel.


Obviously each club’s members can shop at any of the 90+ Rebel stores nationally. When a club member joins the loyalty program (linked to the club) also free to join, the club will receive a 5% rebate on that purchase. Credits are paid quarterly and expire after 12 months.


Also as mentioned by Corey on Tuesday, clubs who sign up to Support Your Sport, can mention to members – once they have a Rebel Loyalty card (must be linked to their cricket club) they can receive 20% off all full priced cricket gear until the end of October at Rebel Glen Waverley, Forest Hill, Doncaster and Ringwood.


The link explaining the program and the application form is found at


BHRDCA Rebel SYS Breakdown



Att: All Clubs!


Wyclif Cricket Club have a ground and team available for a practice match this coming Sunday. Unfortunately their scheduled opponent has just pulled out.


If any club wishes to play a practice match on Sunday, please contact Wyclif CC President, Ben Pilley directly at

Please find below for your information the 2014-15 Set Penalty Table (SPT)


The following amendments have been made:


  • Under utilisation of Citings (now more Level 1 offences). This will aid Umpires to better manage player behaviour which will be a renewed focus this season.
  • Re-classified certain offences downwards based on feedback from clubs and officials (penalties for some offences were too harsh and subsequently not used by Umpires)
  • Added a breach of Social Media Policy offence (item 2.10)

BHRDCA Set Penalty Table 2014-15

Great news! We are pleased to announce that all BHRDCA Senior Grade Fixtures are now live on MyCricket.


Thank-you everyone for your patience and understanding, and a big thanks to all involved as more than 70 hours have been put into grading and fixturing thus far. Ground shares, balancing double up games in 10 team grades, clubs still moving sides between grades and removing teams all together are some of the challenges faced and now have been resolved.


Good luck to all for the season ahead, may the weather gods smile early.

BHRDCA_Stars_Lockup Logo_FINAL

BHRDCA is thrilled to announce a new and exciting partnership with the Melbourne Stars, and are proud to be once again setting the pace in metropolitan cricket, as we have been, for the past 125 years.

As part of the agreement Melbourne Stars will provide many benefits to our clubs and the broader association, including committing to having a presence at a number of our 125th anniversary events and promoting our brand through the Melbourne Stars network.


The BHRDCA in turn encourages all clubs to sign up as a Stars Club. Details can be found below or by contacting Meg Keating, Stars Fan, Community & Events Manager, at


This is an exciting opportunity for the BHRDCA and we look forward to the upcoming BBL Tournament.


BHRDCA Presentation



The Community Club Facilities Grant helps to provide high quality, accessible community cricket facilities across Victoria through the support of:


  • Synthetic centre and practice wicket facilities;
  • Practice nets (including maintenance and repairs);
  • Upgrades to existing turf wickets; and
  • Establishment of new turf wickets.

Applications close on Sunday, October 26, 2014.


For more information or to apply click here


For help with this grant please contact Emma Boschetti on 0420 906 197


As shared at this weeks junior delegates meeting, please find attached details of the Milo T20 Blast program, how to get started, and answers to questions you may have.


There will be a come and try day at East Burwood Sporting Club on Tuesday October 28, that is FREE. This is part of our BHRDCA 125th year season launch, providing a great opportunity to test the waters and see first hand the program in action. There will be SEDA staff running the show, music and all the T20 Blast hype that kids love. All those participating on the night will receive a free sausage and soft drink. Times to be confirmed closer to the day, but please book mark the date now. Participants can come along individually, or as a group, or club team. We would love to see some girls involved as well, either as part of teams or individually.


If your club runs a Milo In2 Cricket clinic, then I would certainly recommend that your club should consider Milo T20 Blast as a way of retaining boys and girls that are not quite ready for competitive junior cricket.

And any club considering entering a team in the BHRDCA organised Milo T20 Blast for 2014/15 season, is encouraged to send along team members to this come-and – try session.


Further information is available via the following link and is a very helpful tool that clubs can email on to their databases

It is imperative that as clubs and an association we support these initiatives so as not to get left behind on Cricket Australia programs, opportunity for funding and the capability to attract, retain and develop juniors so we all prosper.


Please feel free to contact Chris Gorrie at Cricket Australia with any direct questions or help your club needs to make this happen.


CHRIS GORRIE | Junior Participation Specialist – VIC
Cricket Australia | | VIC
Direct: | Fax: | Mobile: +61 449 774 685


BHRDCA T20 Blast Presentation 8-9-14

MyCricket MILO T20 Blast- Getting Started Guide Teams

With cricket season approaching what better way to get involved than with Cricket Camps Australia. These holidays Cricket Camps Australia are hosting a school holiday program at Mirrabooka Reserve, Holland Rd, Blackburn for children aged between 5-14 years. At these cricket programs there are experience and qualified coaches to cater for children who may be having their first cricket experience up to young players who have been playing for 4-5 seasons.


– Great chance to improve skills, have fun and make new friends
– $140 for 2-Days or $70 per day
– Qualified & enthusiastic coaches
– 9am – 3pm / 2-day program (1st & 2nd October)
– Morning & afternoon tea provided
– Giveaways & prizes to all participants


Please see attached the camp flyer which can be forwarded onto families and friends who may also be interested.


For all information and to register please visit and we look forward to seeing you soon at Cricket Camps Australia.


*Note:  There is no affiliation with either Blackburn or Blackburn South Cricket Clubs.

Cricket Camps Australia

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Semertzidis as BHRDCA media manager.


Paul did an outstanding job last season being the face and voice of our stunningly successful McIntosh Shield live stream broadcast. Paul also was involved in producing our fortnightly wrap report and contributing to the broader communications and publicity of the association.


Paul is currently a member of the Eastern FM EFL media team and has recently completed a 3 year sports broadcasting course. Paul plays at St Davids CC and last year represented the association in our U/21 VMCU carnival side that made the semi finals.


There are a number of projects in the pipeline and as we enter our 125th season, publicity of the association, events, clubs and umpires are paramount.


We look forward to Paul’s input this season with great support from the rest of the association.


For the moment Paul can be contacted on 0449 98 0121 or


Committee of Management

Sponsors, Partners & Supporters

BHRDCA Events Calendar

ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

The Volunteer Of The Month Is:

OCTOBER: Ross Kainey - Blackburn North
NOVEMBER: Jo Bowler - Blackburn
DECEMBER: Narayanan Ramakrishnan - Burwood Districts
JANUARY: Jason Brooker - Mitcham
FEBRUARY: Jason Seedy - Vermont South
MARCH: Simone Hewitt - Laburnum