As we are fast approaching finals and the permits come into play, the Permits Committee have requested that the following advice on permits clarification be sent to all clubs.


It is strongly recommended that all secretaries make themselves familiar with the permit requirements.




The BHRDCA Permits Committee, in applying Rule 10c (iv) and Rule 10d, will consider the ramifications of a player of higher ability (or with a strong achievement record in the current season) seeking to play in a Grade of lower standing in the competition.


If required, restrictions may be imposed on such a player – Refer Rule 10d (vii), that may include; not batting before a specific batting position or not bowling before a specific over bowled in the forthcoming match (in both innings), in which his Club is seeking permission for him to play.


Restrictions may also include permission to play on a Match only basis, with the understanding of the Permits Committee (and the Club) that the player would normally be playing in a higher grade. This restriction is designed to deter extended involvement in the lower grade by the player in question, when he has the ability to impact on the normal flow of results and achievement in that grade, which could potentially skew finals involvement or end of season results, to the detriment of other clubs in that grade who have played all season without such players.

If a permit is issued on a Match only basis and the Club wishes to retain that player in the grade they have been permitted to play, a fresh application must be made for the following match, in accordance with the BHRDCA Permit Rules.


Breach’s of Permit Restrictions
As per above, where a team breach’s the restrictions laid down by the Permits Committee, that team will be deemed to have effectively forfeited the match in which that breach occurred and all players from that side will lose their qualification for that match.


Peter White
(on behalf of the Permits Cttee)

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ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

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