All Clubs in 12 Players per Team (Interchange Player Grades) i.e. B, C & D Grades

An error has been highlighted in the BHRDCA Rules pertaining to the 12 Players/Team (Interchange Player Grades) and the BHRDCA CoM has determine that the Rule as redrafted below will temporarily apply to all Two Day matches in these grades for the remainder of the 2018/19 season.

Rule 9(e)(i) now reads –

  1. In Two Day Grades (as specified by the CoM), for Two Day matches only, Clubs may select 12 registered players, of which one player on Day 1 MUST be interchanged for another on Day 2. If Team A loses 10 wickets on Day 1, then the substitute player can bat in the second innings, only when that second innings continues into or commences on Day 2 i.e. when the second interchange player is available.

NOTE: If the second team (Team B) bats on Day 1, and the Day 1 Interchange player bats in that innings, then the Day 2 player cannot bat in that innings, regardless of whether the Day 1 player was out or not out at the close of play on Day 1.

NOTE: This Rule DOES NOT apply to ONE DAY MATCHES in the designated Interchange Player Grades.

It will be included for permanent consideration at the 2019/20 Annual Rules Meeting


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ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition
ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

The Volunteer Of The Month Is:

OCTOBER: Ross Kainey - Blackburn North
NOVEMBER: Jo Bowler - Blackburn
DECEMBER: Narayanan Ramakrishnan - Burwood Districts
JANUARY: Jason Brooker - Mitcham
FEBRUARY: Jason Seedy - Vermont South
MARCH: Simone Hewitt - Laburnum