From the commencement of the 2018/19 season Cricket Australia, Cricket Victoria & the BHRDCA have subscribed to a new Policy (developed from the National Royal Commission into Child Safety) that ensures safeguarding of children and young people involved in the BHRDCA.

Extracted from the Minutes of the BHRDCA CoM Meeting (4/9/2018)

Clinton Kennon (CV Cricket Mgr.) with Mark Lane (BHRDCA V/P) delivered Australian cricket’s policy for safeguarding children and young people, identifying courses of action the BHRDCA must adopt. The expectation is that “Working with Children” certification is current, reference checks performed, appointing a Child Safety officer.

“The BHRDCA will adopt and endorse the Australian Cricket’s Looking After our kids Code of behavior for affiliated associations and clubs (Safeguarding children and young people policy) “.

Moved Mark Lane. Seconded Peter Rosenthal, passed unanimously.

Marketing campaign will be “see something, say something”.

The BHRDCA CoM endorses the implementation of this policy across the entire competition.

The attachment below outlines the requirements of all Clubs in the BHRDCA as signatories to this policy

Safeguarding Children and Young People – Region and Association Forums

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