Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association
Round Nine 24 and 31 January 2015


Ray McIntosh Shield
Box Hill North Super Kings 1-49 v Blackburn South 194 (N.Weeraman 41)
East Burwood 206 (S.Bramstedt 79, N.Sopirawala 5-57) v Templestowe
St Davids 5-58 v East Box Hill 6-298dec (J.Schaw 85, D.Yze 66, S.Luby 65, P.Luby 41)
Forest Hill 2-103 v Koonung Heights 130 (R.McManus 5-14)
Vermont 198 v Heatherdale
Bulleen Templestowe 190 (J.Berry 51, M.Hale 45, R.CP.hancellor 6-46) v Blackburn


Howard Wilson Shield
Blackburn North v Wyclif 9-355cc (L.Clift 133, A.Maunder 99)
Glen Waverley Hawks 195 (T.Pai 78) v Doncaster 1-19
Laburnum d Syndal (forfeit)
Mitcham 9-281cc (S.Cann 67, A.Johnson 53, A.Hardy 45) v Kerrimuir United
Vermont South 269 (M.Bright 77, S.Staddon 65, L.Anthony 63) v Mulgrave Wheelers Hill


Dorothy McIntosh Shield
Blackburn 188 v Bulleen Templestowe 1-9
Yarraleen v Forest Hill 8-220cc (B.Buchanan 69, J.Van Zuyden 56, D,Chilcott 5-57)
Heatherdale 0-36 v Vermont 95
Deakin 8-345cc (M.McDonough 164, M.Iqbal 82, J.Walker 4-68) v East Burwood
Nunawading 1-61 v Manningham 134
Park Orchards 2-47 v Burwood District 129 (B.Killeen 65, D.De Vas Gunawardena 4-14, T.Matthews 4-43()


A Grade
Kerrimuir United 0-16 v Eley Park 215
Koonung Heights 7-240cc (M.Crooks 71, N.Parks 71) v Mitcham
Heatherdale 2-30 v Vermont South 156
Templestowe v Glen Waverley Hawks 8-363cc (A.Bromley 96*, G.Mahoney 74, A.Greaves 59)
East Box Hill 1-59 v St Davids 140 (P,Newman 81,P.Verechia 7-31)
Blackburn South 152 (D.Anderson 45) v Box Hill North Super Kings 4-65


B Grade
East Burwood 1-16 v Laburnum 142
Doncaster 105 v Forest Hill 3-157 (R.O’Shannassy 60*)
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill v Nunawading
Wyclif 226 (C.Davis 99, J.Toward 61, P.Roser 6-51) v Blackburn 1-12
Bye v Blackburn North


Round Eleven
C Grade
Nunawading 9-290dec (M.Parashis 59, B.Basnayake 44) v Templestowe 1-33
Box Hill North Super Kings 283 (H.Knight 88, S.Russell 73) v Vermont 0-8
Koonung Heights v East Box Hill 9-336cc (P.Milne 81, P.Collopy 59, J.Law 54)
Mitcham 1-13 v Heatherdale 229


Round Nine
D Grade
Glen Waverley Hawks 2-28 v Blackburn North 176
Bulleen Templestowe 0-8 v Blackburn South 118
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill v Mitcham 6-278cc (S.Tully 100ret, A.Cumming 57, P.Meagher 57)
Forest Hill 7-216cc (I.Wood 61, J.Bruce 41) v South Sharks
Kerrimuir United 0-1 v Yarraleen 152 (J.Dullard 42, N.Gunawardhana 40)


E Grade
Blackburn South 8-268cc (M.Miller 145*) v Wyclif
Blackburn v East Burwood 9-184cc (S.Kaul 42, L.Gibson 4-27)
Manningham 139 (B.McNammany 42) v Deakin
East Box Hill 134 v Vermont South 0-9
Doncaster 0-9 v Heatherdale 117


Round Eleven
F Grade
Vermont 6-170 v St Davids 5-140
Heatherdale 2-196 v Nunawading 2-175 (D.Payagala 103*)
Forest Hill d East Box Hill (forfeit)
Mitcham 4-192 (M.Niemiec 53ret, D.Dawborn 50ret, V.Tay 50ret) v Koonung Heights 138 (S.Judd 46*)


G Grade
Nunawading v Bye
Templestowe 6-149 v Heatherdale 2-168
Wyclif 62 (R.Kulkarni 5-18) v Forest Hill 2-95
Mitcham 4-95 v Koonung Heights 5-19 (A.Batten 65, C.Meehan 56)


Round Fifteen
One Day A Grade
Park Orchards 5-157 (English 57) d Burwood District 153
Melbourne Strikers v Box Hill North Super Kings
Eley Park 9-166cc (M.Contesso 52ret, Liyanage 4-30) d Nunawading 3-164 (G.Turner 55ret, R.Nurse 51ret(
Manningham 5-136 (S.Memon 49*) d East Box Hill 9-129cc (M.Qureshi 4-20)
Syndal v Bye
Vermont d Vermont South (forfeit)


One Day B Grade
Melbourne Falcons 1-147 d Manningham 8-144cc
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 187 (D.Jeffery 50ret, H.Smith 4-34) d Yarraleen 7-143cc (H.Smith 53ret)
St Davids 4-253 (J.Hardwick 64ret, S.Kennedy 56ret, M.Blanche 54ret) d Glen Waverley Hawks 6-240cc (N.Monga 50ret)
Kerrimuir United 5-168cc (Parsons 51*, Simmons 45) d Doncaster 82 (Ryan 4-26)
Park Orchards 216 d Bulleen Templestowe 110 (M.Cassidy 40, M.Stainkampf 4-23)


Round Eight
Under 18 – Maddocks’ Sport Shield
Forest Hill 9-216cc (B.Matthews 100*, A.Manning 57, L.Grierson 4-12) v Heatherdale
Eley Park 6-200cc v Vermont
Croydon Ranges v Vermont South
Bye v Heathmont


Under 18 – Rebel Sport Shield
Vermont 207 (S.Bell 35, B.Stoikos 31, M.Gale 6-28) v Mitcham/Blackburn
Doncaster v Yarraleen
Blackburn North v East Doncaster/East Burwood


Round Five 20 January 2015
Twenty20 Kookaburra Shield
Vermont 5-119 (R.Phillips 44, Mitch Scott 43) d Blackburn 9-118cc
East Box Hill 4-122 d Bulleen Templestowe 6-120cc (A.Tabaccheria 45*)
Kerrimuir United 7-144cc (Z.Carroll 59*, A.McKenzie 41) d Heatherdale 9-141cc


Twenty20 Rebel Sport Shield
Forest Hill 2-102 (N.Thornbury 49) d Box Hill North Super Kings 100
Koonung Heights 9-173cc (Z.Stone 4-22) d Blackburn South 8-170cc
Templestowe 6-169 (N.Sopariwala 61, A.Hone 51*) d Heathmont 9-165cc (J.Kelly 58)


Twenty20 Smash Gear Shield
Doncaster 3-116 (C.McLeod 47) d Nunawading 113 (B.Mendis 45)
Vermont South v Syndal
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill 5-166cc (K.Arnold 63) d Mitcham 6-164cc (A.Cook 55*)


Twenty20 Cheeta Recovery Shield
Deakin 4-149cc (S.Warren 61) d Bulleen Templestowe 73
Heatherdale 5-152cc (A.Clarke 87) d Yarraleen 9-91cc
Laburnum 7-142cc (J.Keys 568) d St Davids 9-141cc (N.Enticott 61)


Twenty20 Maddocks Sports Shield
Manningham 4-116 d Heatherdale 9-112cc (J.Erman Snr 4-27)
Laburnum 7-135cc (T.Barton 42) d Yarraleen 8-107cc
Wyclif 6-179 L.Clift 66*, G.Clift 45) d Templestowe 57 (F.Coloe 5-5 including hat trick)


Report not received in time for Sunday papers RMS East Burwood v Templestowe.
Reports not received by 11.00am Sunday: B grade MWH v Nunawading, ODA Melbourne Strikers v BHNSK. U18M Croydon Ranges v Vermont South, U18R Doncaster v Yarraleen, Blackburn North v East Doncaster/East Burwood.
There were two late forfeits. HW Syndal forfeit to Laburnum; ODA Vermont South to Vermont. Syndal second eleven had a bye.
Also included the T20 scores from last Tuesday. No report has been lodged on MyCricket for Smash Gear grade Vermont South v Syndal. This match would decide semi-finalists in that grade.

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ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition
ANZ Volunteer of the Month Recognition

The Volunteer Of The Month Is:

OCTOBER: Graham Holinger (Kerrimuir CC)
NOVEMBER: David Elliott (Laburnum CC)
DECEMBER: Robert Nash – Nunawading CC
JANUARY: Simon Meade (Vermont South CC)
FEBRUARY: Luke Gibson (Blackburn CC)
MARCH: Joint winners - Ken Calder (Glen Waverley Hawks CC) & Steve Judd (Koonung Heights CC)