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BHRDCA Season Launch 24th November 2021
Thanks to all our generous sponsors who attended last nights 21/22 season launch at Mitcham CC.
It was a great night with Whitehorse Councillors, Tina Liu Mayor of Whitehorse, and Prue Cutts attending along with Clinton Kennon from Cricket Victoria.
The sponsors donated prizes on the night and they were won as follows:
Kookaburra Cricket adult keeping gloves – Mitcham Cricket Club
Kookaburra Cricket 1 dozen practice balls – Forest Hill Cricket Club
Kookaburra Cricket1 dozen practice balls – St David’s Cricket Club
Club Builder 2035 development plans – Kerrimuir United Cricket Club
Action Indoor Sports Box Hill venue voucher – Templestowe Cricket Club
Grant Professionals discount on grant fee – Blackburn South Cricket Club
Topline Cricket in store voucher – Blackburn South Cricket Club
Knox Insportzs venue voucher – Nunawading Cricket Club
Sporting Fine Art caricature voucher – Laburnum Cricket Club
Fusion Graphic Arts 1 month of free social media – Heatherdale Cricket Club
Club Connect 3 lots of 3 mixed slabs of hard and soft drinks – Blackburn South, Kerrimuir & Mitcham
Mulgrave Country Club venue voucher – East Burwood Cricket Club
Tally Ho Catering hamper – Nunawading Cricket Club
Neil Angus MP hamper – Blackburn North Cricket Club
Field of View Sports Photography hamper – Nunawading Cricket Club
Thanks to all the clubs that attended and please continue to support our sponsors especially if they offer product and services in areas where you do not currently have a club sponsor.
A brilliant job by Jo Fairy too in co-ordinating sponsor and club responses coupled with the logistics of the event on the day.
Many thanks to Alan Fairbairn and the hard working team at Mitcham Cricket Club for hosting and staffing the night so well.
Tally Ho Catering supplied the fabulous food which was tasty as always.
Peter Rosenthal
BHRDCA President
Photos can be downloaded from the BHRDCA facebook page.
Images courtesy of association sponsor Field of View Photography


The Super Kings may have had a rough couple of years, but after a massive recruiting spree they look set to be back in business in 2021/22

After missing out on finals by two games and relegation by one game, Box Hill North went out and brought in 15 players over the offseason.

They also lost a couple of players, including three regulars in their first XI last season in Shantanu Bhaiya, Thilina Rajakaruna and Rashimal Mendis to rivals Blackburn North.

Speaking to bhrdca.com.au, president Steve Carusi said that whilst he knew it was a process, he knew that eventually the pieces would fall into place.

“​​We had set plans for the last three years…and it fell into place and then one thing led to another,” Carusi said.

He said that if they didn’t get all these recruits, especially with the losses they had, the Super Kings would be in a bit more trouble.

“As clubs would tell you, you’ll lose half a dozen, and if you don’t recruit half a dozen you’re going to have more pressure.

“This year if we didn’t recruit those players, we would’ve been in trouble for a little while anyway.

He also mentioned the new rooms at Elgar Park were also key to attracting these new players.

“How good the rooms can be and how good they can be for a club; besides the headache I get as President with all the extra responsibility…

“You’ve got rooms, it’s easy to attract people.”

One of their new signings is ex-Sri Lankan International Kaushal Silva, signing on after a season in the ECA with Donvale.

Carusi said the key to his signing was how much he wanted to develop juniors, with him playing an extra.

“The big tick was he’s all about homegrown, he’s all about juniors, he’s all about developing the game and that’s what we need, that gave me a lot of excitement.

“It was what he needed because it was what he was after and it all came together. Him playing for us is a bonus”.

Carusi is also confident that all their teams will make finals this year, including the ones who have been close in recent years.

“I’d be very surprised if we don’t make finals in all grades.

“We usually make finals in all grades, except our ones are always there abouts, they missed out the last few years, the few years before that we unfortunately lost a couple of grand finals.”

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