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BHRDCA Heritage – September 2020 Update

The BHRDCA Heritage Committee was formed in 2006 and has increased its activity over the past five or six seasons, beginning with the organisation of the BHRDCA’s 125th Anniversary function (celebrated by >300 guests at the Box Hill Pavilion in February 2015).

Since this event, the statistical history of the BHRDCA from 1890 to 1972/73 has been completed and is published here.

Work compiling the records from the five decades from 1970 is progressing also. Alongside this a number of other activities have been completed (where the available information has been identified/located).

  • Compilation of all Office Bearers Records from the BHRDCA’s origin in 1890
  • Compilation of all 1st Grade Grand Final Scorecards
  • Compilation of Senior, Junior & Veterans Premierships for all Grades
  • Compilation of affiliation records for every season from 1890 – 1973, for every grade, inclusive of ladder placings for all competing teams
  • Short biographies on more than 50 BHRDCA legendary players & administrators
  • Short histories of Clubs that have left the competition or folded during the competition’s lifetime (1890 – 2019)
  • BHRDCA Average Winners, from 2000/01 to date, with earlier records being collated for those prior to 2000
  • Digitisation of all BHRDCA Annual Reports

BHRDCA Heritage is also collating and recording information from scorebooks sourced from a wide range of competing Clubs (some no longer affiliated with the BHRDCA). As part of this ongoing activity, we are always keen to hear from Clubs and past/present players who may have information from seasons before 1973. We are interested in acquiring scorebooks, fixtures, Annual Reports, photographs and any other information relevant to the history of the BHRDCA and its Clubs.

BHRDCA Heritage has commenced loading past season fixtures into MyCricket, with some clubs now having loaded all available Scorebook details against these fixtures back to 1957/58. Seasons for MyCricket data entry have now also been loaded back to 1900/01. BHRDCA Heritage has all senior grade fixtures (except for 1959/60 & 1966/67), which will allow any past or present affiliated Club with a history prior to 1970 to upload their past BHRDCA match records to MyCricket.

The introduction of a dedicated BHRDCA Heritage Website is also well underway. This will give BHRDCA Heritage an opportunity to share its research and findings with other interested parties inside and outside the BHRDCA. With details of over 11,000 Senior grade matches between 1890 to 1973 there remains much information still to process.

If you have a query about local cricket in the inner/outer eastern suburbs, or BHRDCA history prior to 1973, that would be of interest to yourself or to your club, contact…

BHRDCA Historian: Andy Lambert on

BHRDCA Heritage Chairman: Steve Tully

or the

BHRDCA Administration Manager: Steve Flemming

Contact details can be found on this Website under the “About’ tab.

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