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2022/23 BHRDCA Season commencement & new BHRDCA Senior Rules

All Clubs,

MyCricket has been updated to reflect the new summer season and also all Club MyCricket Databases have been set to 2022/23. This will require all Clubs to confirm/reconfirm Roles and update Office Bearer records where applicable.

Minutes from the BHRDCA’s 131st AGM, held 31/5/2022 have been posted to the BHRDCA Website > Club & Playing Resources > Past Meetings > 2021/22 Meeting Minutes

After the 2022 BHRDCA AGM, the 2022/23 Senior Playing Rules have also been updated and posted on the BHRDCA Website >Club & Playing Resources > Rules & Regulations > Senior Rules

Good luck to all for the forthcoming 132nd BHRDCA season


BHRDCA AGM – Positive COVID-19 test

All Delegates & Club representatives in attendance at Tuesday’s Annual General Meeting, held 31st May at Blackburn Cricket Club, 

Following the BHRDCA AGM, it has been reported to the BHRDCA CoM by an Attendee that, on the following evening (Wednesday 1st June) they recorded a positive result to a Rapid Antigen Test for COVID-19. 

It is recommended by the BHRDCA CoM that all attendees subsequently follow the Victorian Government COVID-19 Testing regime and report/escalate when/where applicable.

 Hoping you are all safe & well

Please direct any further inquiries to the BHRDCA Admin Mgr.


BHRDCA Semi Final play & conditions

All Clubs,

All Teams should report to Grounds for their scheduled Semi Final matches for a normal start time today. Umpires and Captains are in charge of assessing ground conditions on a case by case basis, ensuring player safety is paramount and commencing play when/where possible.

Sunday is the designated Reserve Day, in order to complete any matches (continuing from Day 1) to achieve a 1st Innings result.

Good luck to all Clubs


BHRDCA Semi Finals

All Clubs,

Please note that Semi Final squads, inclusive of Player Permits, have now been confirmed prior to the weekend’s games.

The Permit Register is posted on the BHRDCA Website (Club Playing Resources > Match Permits).

NOTE: There is the potential for late additions to the Permit register after some Junior Clubs have reported COVID disruption among their members today. If required, the Permit Register will be updated during the course of this afternoon, prior to the commencement of Friday night Jnr S/F’s at 5 p.m.

Also note: Any player permitted to play in the Weekend’s S/F’s (Snr & Jnr Grades) is also automatically permitted to play in that Grade’s G/F match should their team be successful this weekend.

Good luck to all competing Semi Final Teams


BHRDCA Snr & Jnr Grade Semi Final Matches/Venues confirmed

All BHRDCA Senior & Junior Clubs,

 All Semi Finalists and playing Venues have been determined by final MyCricket Ladder placings and/or where applicable (Grades with Bye Rounds) via Match Ratio Ladder placings. For a handful of matches, neutral venues were required and have been designated in place of the normal Home Venue, usually because the Home Club had a higher Graded team scheduled at their Home Venue.

 For those teams who played in Grades with Bye Rounds, the Match Ratio Ladders at the completion of the H & A Season have also been uploaded to the BHRDCA Website (Club Playing Resources > Match Ratio Ladder)

 Good Luck to all teams in the Finals…


T20 Semi Finals & Qualification

A reminder to all Clubs – Tuesday 8th February is the commencement of the 2021/22 T20 Final series – All matches & venues have now been posted on MyCricket.

Re Qualification & Eligibility (Per BHRDCA T20 Rules)…

Eligibility:   Players participating in the final series must have played at least two matches of the five preliminary rounds in that Grade or a lower Grade. (Permit conditions are applicable – refer to the T20 Rules for further info)

Good luck to all Teams participating in the Final Series


BHRDCA Junior Cricket – Friday 28/1 – Update

All Clubs,

While inclement weather is presently sweeping across Melbourne, the BoM is predicting the worst of it will have passed through the Eastern suburbs by the time Junior Cricket resumes, post the Xmas break tonite. All Clubs, players & Umpires should report to grounds per the published fixtures, when Umpires & Team Management can make an informed assessment on play continuing (or not) at their specific venue.


Members of the CoM have in the past 40 minutes or so visited some of the Junior playing venues and are also mindful of the more recent BoM update, which now predicts further inclement & more intense weather. In ensuring the safety of all, the BHRDCA CoM have now determined that all Junior Friday matches are now cancelled.

Apologies all for the late notice.


2021/22 Senior Grade Rule update (COVID-19) etc.

All Clubs,

After fielding a few calls early this season re COVID-19 considerations, the BHRDCA CoM has created a Rule consideration document within which is further clarification/information on the application of the BHRDCA Senior Grade Rules as applicable to the COVID-19 impacted 2021/22 season.

The new document can be located at > Club Playing Resources > Rules & Regulations > Senior Rules

There has also been a new Header tab added “Around the Wickets” added to the BHRDCA Website, where Media posts re Match Day activities, results & records will be posted (in addition to them being posted on BHRDCA Social Media outlets)

Please ensure the additional Rule considerations are passed onto any Captains/Team leaders for their benefit.


Passing of BHRDCA Life Member – Len Monette

The BHRDCA CoM, on behalf of its Clubs wishes to record the passing of esteemed Association Life Member; Len Monette.

Len was first became engaged in the BHRDCA as a player at Vermont & then East Burwood Methodists (Uniting) in the 1960’s & 70’s, then served as a member of the BHRDCA Umpires Association for over a decade before becoming the Association Treasurer for 18 terms between 1986/87 and 2003/04.

He was honoured in 1992 with Life Membership of the BHRDCA and remained a regular presence at Association events, including the 125th Anniversary and the Annual Presentation night dinner’s held throughout the past two decades.

The BHRDCA offers its sincerest condolences to Len’s family, on the passing of a significant contributor to the competition.


2021/22 Friday Night (12/11) Junior Cricket

All Clubs,

Please note, due to the ongoing adverse weather conditions and the further predicted rain this afternoon, all Friday Fixtured BHRDCA Junior Matches have been cancelled.

Notification re the state of play for Saturday morning matches will be advised by 5:00 p.m. this evening.


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