BHRDCA 125th Anniversary planning

The 125th Anniversary committee, under the Chairmanship of Peter White, has met twice since the AGM, with the members of the Committee all enthusiastically involved in all manner of tasks related to the Anniversary.


In conjunction with the 125th Anniversary Committee and the COM, a theme related to the 125 key people and events of the BHRDCA’s history is being established. This will involve bio’s on the individuals selected and a synopsis on the relevance and importance of events included. These will be displayed on the night in the format of a timeline of the keys points across the association’s history.


Some of the projects and tasks undertaken to date or now underway include…


  • Settling on a Date & Venue in the 2014/15 season – PW/EB to formally advise Familiarising ourselves with holdings at the Whitehorse and Box Hill Historical Societies, with respect to their holdings and establishing working relationships with their management for assistance in displaying the material loaned and adding to the research depth and background on the Clubs, people, objects and ephemera relative to the BHRDCA’s history
  • Establishing the type of event the 125th Committee and BHRDCA COM believe will capture the anniversary well
  • Developing a ‘theme’ around the anniversary for BHRDCA paper based material – Scorebooks, Newsletters, Website etc – EB has underway
  • Collating and formalising BHRDCA equivalent Honour Boards which detail… Office Bearers since 1890 Premiers & Runners up (in all grades – Snr, Jnr & Vets) since 1890
  • Establishing Affiliation records for all Clubs, Grades in each season Commencing summary accounts of each season with commentary, Round by Round results and performance highlights of the season – a few examples have been completed with others being presented for review in the next month or so
  • Building a basic Club history template with examples that each club can use as a model for each club to record their own club history – to be used as a component of the 125th Anniversary presentation


A couple of significant achievements have already been made by the 125th Committee.


They include…


  • Locating a Photograph of the original meeting place where the BHRDCA was established
  • Locating a Photograph of the original ‘Reporter Newspaper’ offices, inclusive of E.F.G. Hodges, the Associations first significant Office Bearer, standing in front of the building
  • Locating BHRDCA COM Minutes 1967 – 1987 and teaming them up with their predecessors from 1913 – 1966 at the Whitehorse Historical Society


If you would like to get involved or have something that you feel may be of interest to the exhibition, please contact Andy Lambert or Peter White.


Heritage & 125th Anniversary Committee

Andy Lambert – Heritage Chair

Peter White – 125th Anniversary Chair


Stephen Tully
John Toogood
Paul Semertzidis
Warren Earl
Steve Flemming
Emma Boschetti
Michael Van Zuyden

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