BHRDCA Snr & Jnr Grade Semi Final Matches/Venues confirmed

All BHRDCA Senior & Junior Clubs,

 All Semi Finalists and playing Venues have been determined by final MyCricket Ladder placings and/or where applicable (Grades with Bye Rounds) via Match Ratio Ladder placings. For a handful of matches, neutral venues were required and have been designated in place of the normal Home Venue, usually because the Home Club had a higher Graded team scheduled at their Home Venue.

 For those teams who played in Grades with Bye Rounds, the Match Ratio Ladders at the completion of the H & A Season have also been uploaded to the BHRDCA Website (Club Playing Resources > Match Ratio Ladder)

 Good Luck to all teams in the Finals…


Round 14 MyCricket & S/F Qualification

All Clubs,

As requested at the President’s Meeting, please ensure your MyCricket Admin. is fully completed asap after Saturday’s matches. This will ensure Ladders are up to date after the H&A Season and that the Semi Finals combatants are correct.

Once the Semi Final matches are confirmed, each competing Senior Club will be sent (on Sunday/Monday) a Grade Qualification Register, which must be completed and returned to the BHRDCA Admin. Mgr asap. to ensure that qualification checks against your nominated squads can be carried out and confirmed prior to the commencement of the Semi Finals next weekend.


BHRDCA O40 Grand Finals

Good Afternoon All,

Congratulations to all teams that have made their way to Grand Final in each Division

Below is the games to be played this Sunday February 20 2022 with the nominated venues.   We will upload this information into MyCricket and ask all clubs to check the information provided and let us know of any ground changes that need to be corrected.

In relation to umpires we will work with the Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association umpires to stand umpires in each game – further advice to follow.  Umpire fee is $130 for a single umpire to be shared by both clubs ($65/team).

A reminder of the criteria for player eligibility is a minimum of two games for that team and if you have any doubts then you should contact Michael Whitehead (0419 523 183) for clarification/permission to move from that position.  It would be a shame to see a reversal of a game due to not asking about eligibility.

Good luck to all teams participating.

BHRDCA O40 Grand Finals

 A Grade

Lower Eltham v Bulleen Templestowe –Eltham Lower Park

 B Grade

Park Orchards v Box Hill North/Superkings – Domeney Reserve

 C Grade

Heatherdale v Deakin – Heatherdale Reserve

Thank you

A big thank you to the presidents of the clubs who attended the annual presidents meeting on Wednesday February 9th at Box Hill North Super Kings at Elgar Park.

This annual event has historically provided great ideas for the CoM to work on and implement. The restructure of the top grades to 8 team grades was borne out of the presidents meeting two years prior to it becoming reality is just one example of the worth of this meeting.

We look forward to taking ideas from this weeks meeting to continue to shape the competition and ensure the clubs and their views continue to influence the competition and rules that bind it.

Thank you to Box Hill North Super Kings for hosting the night in their great new rooms.



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