CoM Statement St Davids v Bulleen Templestowe Dorothy McIntosh Shield round 11 game

BHRDCA CoM Statement
St Davids v Bulleen Templestowe Dorothy McIntosh Shield Round 11 game
In regards to this match we continue to work with the clubs and investigate further.
However, there is no suggestion or allegation of the umpire being bullied, harassed or threatened during the game.
In his report the umpire has not said he was bullied, harassed or threatened during the game. And to suggest otherwise is false and misleading. Both clubs take this matter seriously and are addressing this internally.
The umpires executive, and the CoM, support the umpire and are conducting a review of how best to continue training and support for our highly valued assets.

T20 Semi Finals & Qualification

A reminder to all Clubs – Tuesday 8th February is the commencement of the 2021/22 T20 Final series – All matches & venues have now been posted on MyCricket.

Re Qualification & Eligibility (Per BHRDCA T20 Rules)…

Eligibility:   Players participating in the final series must have played at least two matches of the five preliminary rounds in that Grade or a lower Grade. (Permit conditions are applicable – refer to the T20 Rules for further info)

Good luck to all Teams participating in the Final Series


BHRDCA Junior Cricket – Friday 28/1 – Update

All Clubs,

While inclement weather is presently sweeping across Melbourne, the BoM is predicting the worst of it will have passed through the Eastern suburbs by the time Junior Cricket resumes, post the Xmas break tonite. All Clubs, players & Umpires should report to grounds per the published fixtures, when Umpires & Team Management can make an informed assessment on play continuing (or not) at their specific venue.


Members of the CoM have in the past 40 minutes or so visited some of the Junior playing venues and are also mindful of the more recent BoM update, which now predicts further inclement & more intense weather. In ensuring the safety of all, the BHRDCA CoM have now determined that all Junior Friday matches are now cancelled.

Apologies all for the late notice.


VMCU Carnival Team Photo’s

Hi all Team Managers,

Thank you if you have already contacted association sponsor Field of View Sports Photography around collection or arranged a delivery time & location for ‘your’ teams photos.

Thank you for assisting with the proofing of team photos, this helped to turn them around quickly.

The association has supplied a team photo with a player portrait for each player, anyone absent will receive a team photo only (no portrait) as a memento of the 2021/22 VMCU Carnival. We have also supplied a team photo for each coach.

Thank you for being part of the Carnival, we hope you enjoy the images of the teams in action as well as the team photos.  ACTION PHOTOS CLICK HERE

Thank you to our Representative Team Sponsors

A big thank you to our BHRDCA sponsors on the playing tops of our 8 representative sides in the VMCU carnival.

The boys and girls look great.

Thanks to Topline Cricket, Kookaburra Sport, Storage King Mitcham, SEDA, College, Rebel  & Field of View Sports Photography for making it happen.


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