T20 Grand Finals – Tuesday 25 February

Once again weather is threatening to impact our T20 cricket tomorrow.

We have exhausted the Reserve days available to us, so play will proceed as scheduled tomorrow afternoon.

The weather could impact at any time, and where possible the Umpires will ensure both teams receive equal amount of balls faced.

Be reminded to constitute a match, both teams must receive at least 5 overs. The team with the highest score after the 5 overs will be the winner. If more balls are bowled than the 5 overs, it will be the scores of both teams at that point that will decide the match.

In the event that both sides do not receive 5 overs, then if circumstances permit (Umpires will decide) a bowl off will be contested to achieve a result.

If circumstance make a bowl off impossible, the match shall be decided by the toss of a coin under the supervision of the Umpire.

Should no play commence, then the premiership will be awarded to the highest finishing teams of the two combatants.

These conditions are provided in the BHRDCA T20 Rules, which were generated from the Big Bash competition.

We hope that the weather has little impact on the matches, and the games can be played out but please be prepared.

Good luck to all teams.


Michael Van Zuyden (per BHRDCA CoM)

VMCU Carnival update 15th January 2020

The VMCU carnival is at the pointy end with some BHRDCA sides in contention.

In what has been a trying two weeks, with the conditions being very challenging, all sides have played some great cricket and enjoyed success along the way.

Our boys 18s have just missed the finals winning 3 of their 5 games.

The boys 16’s finished on top and will host Western Region JCA @ Donvale Reserve.

The U/14 Allan Shield tam finished 6th and had a stirring quarter final 2 wicket win yesterday to now play ECA in the semi final at Balwyn Park.

Our Mitchell Shield U/12 side also won their quarter final after finishing 6th and will play SECA at East Caulfield Reserve.

The 14s Nolan and 12s Browne side both lost their quarter finals yesterday however played very well during the carnival to make it to that stage of the tournament.

All the boys semi finals will be played Thursday January 16th.

Our girls have also been in action this week.

The 16s have had a tough run and are without a win from their 3 games despite some strong individual performances.

The 14s have won all 3 games to finish top and will host a semi final, most likely at Heatherdale CC..

Our 12s side has won today to make it 2 from 3. We now rely on other results to see if they progress.

All the girls semi finals will be played Friday January 17th.

Grand finals will be played Sunday January 19.

A lot of games are live scored and can be followed on the VMCU website www.vmcu.vic.cricket.com.au

Good luck to he remaining sides over the next few days.

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