Final Junior Rep team squad delayed…

To all Junior BHRDCA Cricketers:


The announcement of the final squads for the six junior BHRDCA rep teams has been delayed. This is due mainly to the selectors being faced with deciding from many, many talented cricketers.


Some of the teams are decided, but we don’t think it is fair to announce those until all teams are final. Please be patient, we hope to publish all the teams very soon.


There is also another matter that needs to be brought to the attention of all the parents of players in contention for the final teams. The following letter is from Mr. Peter Rosenthal, president of the BHRDCA, on behalf of the Committee of Management. If anyone has any questions regarding this or any other junior matter, please do not hesitate to contact Ross Chambers on 0432 660 951, or at:


Dear Parent:


As we near another representative campaign for our junior cricketers, this year there will be a small cost on each player.


A review of association costs in 2012/13, revealed that representative cricket across the association costs in excess of $13,000- for our junior, U/21, senior and veterans teams. This includes clothing, match balls, net hire, ground hire, umpires fees and some catering. This cost is not continually sustainable without some balancing of the scales.


We appreciate there is already a cost to play in terms of time committed to the cause, annual leave taken and holidays forfeited. In recent years the BHRDCA representative cricket has been rejuvenated with the exceptionally hard work of our volunteer administrators, coaches and managers. This has resulted in on field success and provides an environment that gives all players the best chance to improve and succeed individually and as a team.


We know other associations charge nearly $200- for the privilege of playing and it is not our intent to price people out of this great opportunity for their children. For the 2014 carnival, there will be a levy of $50- per player. This will offset some of the costs incurred as mentioned above. The BHRDCA continues to seek to improve itself and sponsorship opportunities are being sought, and signed, on an ongoing basis. These sponsorships also contribute to costs the association incur.


Thanks in advance for your understanding and we look forward to another successful January.





Committee of Management


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