Umpires play one of the biggest roles in the cricketing world, but the BHRDCA is still looking for more for the upcoming season.

 By Josh Ward

BHRDCA Umpire Association president Phil Hermann told bhrdca.com.au that part of the reason it was struggling was due to the toll it’s taken on some of them.

“There’s been issues because some of our guys are older, it’s taking its toll being able to stand out there for a period of time.”

Hermann is back as the president of the association for his third year, and after plenty of years of experience, he still enjoys being a part of a game he loves.

“It’s something that keeps my interest in the game of cricket and in the end, you’ve got the best seat in the house.”

And whilst it’s had its funny and intense days over the years, it still has plenty of benefits, including having a drink after each game.

“The best part is then having a beer with the guys after the game, talking about anything, not necessarily cricket,” Hermann said.

He’s been with the BHRDCA for a while now and says he’s very fortunate that he’s gotten to umpire here, particularly up in the higher grades.

“I’m fortunate I’ve umpired pretty high grand finals in the time that I’ve been here, I’ve had some success that way, I also like to think I’m fairly well respected in that regard.”

However this year being president has been tough due to the lower numbers, believing they need to bring in umpires with past cricket experience.

“I’m sure they’ll find they’ll enjoy it just as much as cricket because everyone I know of has played the game at some stage. We need people who’ve got that experience to participate and have a go at it.”

He added that they don’t even need them to umpire every weekend.

“Even if they could give us one game a month or something like that, it would take some pressure off the guys that we do have. It also gives us an opportunity to field further down the grade.

They have bought in a new umpire advisor in Nick Davies, who has umpired in the 3rd and 2nd (Men and Women) XI of Victorian Premier Cricket.

Replacing the unwell Des Hearn, Hermann added that he’ll bring ideas as well as bringing knowledge to the younger umpires and keeping the older ones active.

“It’s a good learning curve for him and development wise in which he can impart some of that developing strategy into our less experienced umpires to help them along and keep the experienced ones on their toes with fresh thoughts.”

Hermann mentioned that people should join the BHRDCA because they can still be involved in cricket this way.

“They can still be a part of the cricket community in this area if they take on umpiring, they don’t give it away completely.”

There will be an umpires meeting on Wednesday night, with new advisor Nick Davies as well as Hermann being there.


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