After consultation with a number of Club Representatives, reviewing the state of some grounds and the nature of the current weather and the prediction for the remainder of the day, the BHRDCA CoM has cancelled tonites T20 round.


A replay date will be advised in due course.



The CoM has reviewed the forecast for this evenings T20 Round and advises all Clubs, that play is still scheduled to commence as normal. As all matches will have an Umpire present, Captains are to consult with their Umpire to ascertain playing conditions and proceed where possible.


Also note that 5 Overs/Team constitutes a result and the capacity for Over reduction in matches interrupted by weather or commenced late is accommodated in the BHRDCA T20 Rules (available on the BHRDCA Website).


Should any match or matches be abandoned, through poor playing conditions, the CoM will initiate a Reserve Date when the matches in question may be replayed.



A reminder to all clubs whose 1st XI teams participate in RMS, HWS or DMS that compliance with the BHRDCA PPS Rules (Attachment 5 of the Senior Rules) is MANDATORY.


After the conclusion of Round 3, three Clubs have been given a fine/strike for breaches of the BHRDCA PPS Rules i.e. players were selected who had no PPS Rating applied to their career record.


The PPS Rating for all players is attached to their MyCricket profile, so that on selection into the MyCricket Team list, it is visible for your Club’s MyCricket Administrator to see – if the rating is Zero (0), the player has not been rated by the BHRDCA and must be before participating in the match he is being selected for.


Failure to comply will result in a fine/strike for the first offence and subsequent offences will result in the loss of match points, plus any individual player records and qualification for that match will be removed from MyCricket, for the entire team in breach of the Rules.




After the withdrawal of the BNCC team the J Grade fixture has been redrawn for the remainder of the season. Also, all Senior Grade venue clashes for the remainder of the season have now been corrected and all matches previously scheduled on Davey Lane have been relocated to alternative venues.


NOTE: In the One Day Grade competitions for this weekend (19/11); in I Grade BHNSK vs EPCC has now been shifted to Donvale #4, where BHNSK are the Home Team and as a result of the withdrawal of BNCC, EBCC’s J Grade team now has a match this coming weekend vs TCC, where previously a Bye was fixtured.


There are other minor changes impacting H & A Venues across the Senior Competition so please ensure all Clubs look at their most recent fixtures for the remaining rounds.



The BHRDCA Permit Committee would like to thank all Clubs, this week, for their compliance with the conditions associated with players who move more than 2 Club Grades or 4 or more (>3) Association Grades. Over 100 permits were processed this week, reflecting the Clubs’ genuine efforts to be compliant with the conditions introduced & passed at the 2016 AGM/Rules Meeting.


We understand the additional workload this has created for Clubs when selecting their teams, but also appreciate the desire of Club Delegates to ensure that the Rules are upheld with respect to Permit Conditions as laid out in the BHRDCA Senior Rules (Attachment 7).


Permits (inclusive of restrictions where applicable) for the current round have been posted on the BHRDCA Website > Club & playing Resources > Match Permits for all to view.






The BHRDCA CoM has circulated to all Clubs today, clarification on the requirements for Match Permits for the 2016/17 season – these conditions have also been posted to the BHRDCA Website > Club & Playing Resources > Match Permits, along with the current Permit list (Eff. 9/11/2016). This list will be updated weekly, going forward to reflect all other Match Permits as they are processed by the BHRDCA Permit Committee.


Please ensure you refer to this table and the BHRDCA Permit Rules (Attachment 7), particularly if a player is being considered for demotion.



All clubs with sides in these grades will be asked to nominate players with the desire to have as many clubs as possible represented on the day.

Playing tops, caps and a full lunch will be provided.


The 2016/17 BHRDCA T20 Competition Fixtures and Rules have now been posted on MyCricket and the BHRDCA Website


Good luck to all Clubs for the 2016/17 Twilight season



The Friday night Under 18 competition rules have been revised to include  changes adopted at the Junior AGM & Rule Change Meeting. In the main, these updates reflect alterations to Match and Bowling conditions associated with games extended to 50 overs per innings, over limits and successive overs being bowled from the same end.


Under 18 Team Managers, Officials and players should acquaint themselves with the Rules, inclusive of these revisions, for the 2016/17 season.


They can be found on the Website under Club & Playing Resources > Rules & Regulations > Junior Rules.



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